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Bipartisanship and “Victory”

Posted in Politics on February 16, 2009 by raingeg

I saw a headline the other day that said that the $787 billion stimulus package was a “victory” for President Obama. How can anyone honestly call it a victory? Generally when one is victorious it requires a fight, and democrats did everything they could do to avoid the fight. Actually they did everything they could do to avoid debating the subject because it was the old way of doing things or a “warn out dogma of the past.” If I’m not mistaken are you not borrowing a play from FDR’s playbook, wasn’t that a long time ago too!

Time and time again I here that democrats want to act in a bipartisan fashion, if only the republicans would just go along with them. There is a BOHICA joke somewhere in there. Come on, as George Will put it, we have two parties for a reason! Argument is supposed to bring about good ideas and force the bad ones out. But they are to afraid to argue about the issue, because it their eyes the debate is over.

Then they pull out the “we won” card, newsflash, just because democrats won the presidential election, doesn’t in any way diminish the fact that all the republicans that opposed this bill in the house and the senate were also elected or reelected. As for the republicans that supported the bill, they deserve return to back their normal lives after the next election.

There is no way that the republicans are going to just go along with everything that the democrats want them to do, butting heads is the nature of the two party system. I have no problem with it, but I do have a problem with the join us or don‘t join us and we‘ll make you look like the bad guy mentality. For all the talk of bipartisanship that we heard going into this thing there is very little to show for it. Although getting the backing to three centrist republicans is quite the “victory“ for the President and the democrats in congress. These three senators must feel like the most powerful cats in town, but just remember it was Uncle Ben that said “with great power comes great responsibility” and Specter, Snowe and Collins you will be held responsible for this.


Something I Despise: Bathroom Doors

Posted in Something I Despise on February 3, 2009 by raingeg

If you didn’t already know the “Something I Despise” segments are just my place to wine about pointless subjects. Here it goes.

How many times have you gone into a bathroom and washed your hands, only to figure out that you have to pull open the door. You could be gross if you want and just open the door with your hands, but that’s not my style. So you stare at the door for a second and head back to the paper towel dispenser to grab a towel to pull the door open with. Come to find out that the dispenser is empty! Now what?

Option A: You can open the door with your hand in your sleeve or some other article of clothing, but the object of using the paper towel was keep the germs off your person.

Option B: Provided there are other people in the bathroom, you could take extra long washing your hands and just follow someone out without touching the door. This doesn’t always work and it takes good timing but if its your last resort and you can pull it off then go for it.

Option C: You could prepare for going in the bathroom and bring some towels with you. But who really has the ability to carry around a handful of towels, especially if you are a guy and all you have are your pockets.

Option D: You can carry hand sanitizer on your person to fight against the germs. I don’t mind this method but its not my favorite because I would like to just wash my hands and go out of the bathroom without having to go through another washing process.

So here is my solution to this problem. The ideas listed above were just that, ideas, they are ways that you can combat germs, because the people that install bathroom doors in restaurants and public places are not thinking about the customer. If only restaurants would just do one of the following: Install doors that push open rather than pull open, install electronic doors that automatically open, or don’t have a door at all, just make the entrance a right angel. Those are all easy solutions to this problem and would make my bathroom experience 100 times better. For the life of me I have never understood a pull door as the exit to the bathroom!

If you’ll allow me to go off on the door issue a little more. What is with installing push handles, handles that are horizontal and go all the way across the door, on doors that pull open! I realize that some places just get what they get, but its just so annoying.