Speed Cameras Going Down? At Least We Hope They Are!

These pesky speed cameras might be gone sooner than I thought! In an article on AZCentral.com a new piece of legislation is aimed at taking down highway speed cameras. The legislation’s main sponsor “Republican Rep. Sam Crump of Anthem, said speed cameras are annoying, unfair, intrusive and even dangerous because of backups as motorists abruptly slow down near cameras.”

“Passage would shut down a new Department of Public Safety program launched in September.”

And hopefully these cameras will be history!

Now this particular legislation does not have an effect on the cameras that are on city streets, but I’d be willing to bet that it won’t be long before they too are on their way out.

Click here for the whole article.

Click here for the Camera Fraud website.

What do you think about the cameras? Are they really working? Do you feel safer? Do you speed up right after you go through the intersections that have cameras? Do you know where all of the intersections are? Would it make a difference to you if private companies were not benefiting from the cameras? Feel free to comment.


One Response to “Speed Cameras Going Down? At Least We Hope They Are!”

  1. Solution: I use FoxyTag, a free speed camera warning system for mobile phones. Never missed a camera since. There is also a map with all the cameras on their website: http://www.foxytag.com

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