Looking Forward With Very Little to Say

Well, you could say I took a little bit of a break after the beginning of the new year. In my first post of year I am left with little to say. America is going to have a new president, there is a war going on between Israel and Hamas, and Americas economy is in the tank.

I hate times like this. I just can’t find anything to say. All I can really do is tell you a little bit about what I’m thinking.

On President Bush leaving: President Bush will soon become a regular citizen of the United States again. What are all of these angry song writers, poets, bloggers, and authors going to do now that he’s gone? They no longer have someone to plot against and to drag through the mud. They’ve cashed in year after year bringing out so many cliché lyrics, stanzas and punch lines that my ears are about to bleed. I will be so happy to not have to hear about the evil “cowboy” anymore. Its not that these people lack talent, they lack originality.

Everyone is talking about what his legacy will be. I honestly don’t know. Right now its almost pointless to talk about it, people are still in a bit of a feisty mood and they’re still in attack mode, once he’s gone they’ll either go insane or chill out. Every presidency has blunders, does Bush’s have anymore than Clintons? I don’t honestly know the answer to that question, but Bush’s are fresh in our mind, so give it some time.

24: The duo of Jack and Tony is back! 24 has returned after a two year vacation from the tube. I’m happy, how about you?

On President Obama: I like politics, I’ve liked politics since the 2000 election and I am not going to stop liking it because the guy I didn’t vote for is in office. I’m also not going to turn into a slanderous writer that spends every waking moment trying to make the future president look bad, that makes my country look bad. To those who think we look bad around the world. Those of you that contributed to the efforts that continually attacked President Bush’s character, you contributed to that image. I am not suggesting that any of us should have to bow down before the president, kiss the ring and not hold him accountable. But character assassination of anyone is not something I will tolerate, even if he is not in my party.

Its going to be fun to see which president we’ll get out of President Obama. To be completely honest I don’t know whether or not he will be pushed around by the further left members of congress. His handling of the war on terrorism will also be very interesting to watch.

Video games I’m looking forward to: Killzone2 and Red Faction: Guerrilla.

On Arizona’s issues: Its going to be interesting to juxtapose Arizona to the rest of the country, maybe one of the only places that actually went in a more conservative direction in the 2008 election. With fairly conservative Republicans out numbering Democrats 18-12 in the State Senate and 35-25 in the State House of Representatives. Watching how they deal with the budget deficit will be very intriguing. Also the issue of these traffic cameras that everyone, including me, is up in arms about. Will they be taken down? Visit http://camerafraud.com for more info on how you can get involved and hopefully take them down.

Albums I’m looking forward to: Is there any good new music?

That’s about all there is folks. I hope and pray that 2009 is a great year!

God bless you all,

-Ray AKA eXrai


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