Something I Despise: Cold Weather Chastisement

As the temps in Tucson start cooling down and many of our friends from the Northeast come to take part in our nice weather, I’m often irritated when I am chastised over not being used to 50 and 40 degree weather. Yes, its true! I am not used to cool temperatures, but my not being used to this weather does not have to be met with mounds of criticism over my choice of a warm jacket as opposed to a tank-top.

You hear it everywhere, “back in Michigan its 30 below right now” Fine, so what, its 30 below and its 40 here, that is cold for us! When you live in a place that has just a few cold months, sees snow about every two years or so, and has never (in my lifetime) been below 0 degrees, you acclimate to a warmer climate. But no, its always “its this cold in October where we live” or “I need to put my shorts on, its hot here!”

You know its funny, because a lot of the time these people are visiting relatives from out of state or are snow birds. Snow birds, if you didn’t already know what that is, is a person or group of people that don’t want to stay in the freezing part of the country, so they come here to live in Tucson and its outlying areas for a few months out of the year, this time of year Saddlebrook is full to capacity and so are our roads with bad drivers. But then again it does help our local economy.

I always find it odd when a snowbird say’s this stuff. I mean, come on, the whole reason that you’re here is because you are escaping the cold Northeast. I don’t see you sticking around for the 100 plus degree day’s during the summer. Once you feel the slightest bit of warmth in the air you scurry on back to your home “back east” and never have to break a sweat


One Response to “Something I Despise: Cold Weather Chastisement”

  1. Just in case you didn’t know, this is kind of a joke.

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