Something I Despise: Narcissism In Grocery Store Lines

So I was win Wal-Mart the other night. Now if you don’t already know this Wal-Mart lines are really long at night because they are short on staff and that is understandable seeing as how Wal-Mart is a 24 hour store. So I was in line just minding my own business, there was a little old lady behind me and another guy and a younger lady behind the guy.

So they open up a new line next to mine. Automatically the guy behind the little old lady goes to the front of the new line. The little old lady is pushing a cart that probably weighs as much or more than her own body weight and can‘t make it over there as fast as the much younger more agile people. So the guy that was behind the little old lady actually goes and doesn’t let her go ahead of him. Personally I think there is some unspoken line etiquette that needs to be addressed. If the line is already formed and they open a new lane the line should be kept in tact.

The younger lady behind the guy in line must know about these unspoken rules because she let the little old lady go ahead of her. It is astonishing the amount of narcissism that is out there these day’s.

And that’s something I despise.


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