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Something I Despise: Cold Weather Chastisement

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As the temps in Tucson start cooling down and many of our friends from the Northeast come to take part in our nice weather, I’m often irritated when I am chastised over not being used to 50 and 40 degree weather. Yes, its true! I am not used to cool temperatures, but my not being used to this weather does not have to be met with mounds of criticism over my choice of a warm jacket as opposed to a tank-top.

You hear it everywhere, “back in Michigan its 30 below right now” Fine, so what, its 30 below and its 40 here, that is cold for us! When you live in a place that has just a few cold months, sees snow about every two years or so, and has never (in my lifetime) been below 0 degrees, you acclimate to a warmer climate. But no, its always “its this cold in October where we live” or “I need to put my shorts on, its hot here!”

You know its funny, because a lot of the time these people are visiting relatives from out of state or are snow birds. Snow birds, if you didn’t already know what that is, is a person or group of people that don’t want to stay in the freezing part of the country, so they come here to live in Tucson and its outlying areas for a few months out of the year, this time of year Saddlebrook is full to capacity and so are our roads with bad drivers. But then again it does help our local economy.

I always find it odd when a snowbird say’s this stuff. I mean, come on, the whole reason that you’re here is because you are escaping the cold Northeast. I don’t see you sticking around for the 100 plus degree day’s during the summer. Once you feel the slightest bit of warmth in the air you scurry on back to your home “back east” and never have to break a sweat


Poker, Politicians and Objective Truth

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In the game of Poker a hand is won because a player has a winning hand and no other reason. It is called letting the cards speak, in order that a player cannot just throw down their cards, confidently shout out that they’ve won the hand and take the pot. The cards speak, if someone thinks they’ve won it is completely possible that they’ve not. This is because sometimes a player will misread their cards and not occupy the hand they thought they had. So this rule enables the rightful winner to always get what they deserve.

This should be a rule when politicians speak about issues or when one is debating issues with another. Lately it seems that what is true doesn’t even matter, the only thing that matters is how one arguing his or her position delivers their argument. This is part of a greater issue that I have been thinking about lately. Subjectivism  vs. Objectivism. In politics we have far to many politicians that side with subjective arguments rather than looking at issues objectively. This comes from politicians being tied to the consensus within their party rather than the objective truth. So a politicians stance is subject to what the party believes about an issue rather than what is actually true. This is not the case for all politicians but it is problem for the vast majority of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t oppose party politics and I don’t even mind the “two party” system, I just want honest politicians. I want politicians that can look at an issue say what they believe about it and tell us what is true about it, rather than give us the party line or lie to us to save face for the party. I fully acknowledge that there can be two different opinions about something that is completely true and an opinion does not prohibit a facts ability to retain its truth. The political party that learns to tell the truth will fair much better with the American people than the one that caters to the people that are in the party by telling them lies. Even if it means that telling the truth will take them out of power.

We run into the same problem when people are debating issues. For the same reason that the cards speak in Poker, truth should speak when it comes to issues. Truth is often trumped by delivery and popular but not credible sources.

Delivery of an opinion can either make or break a discussion. Often times I’ve been in discussions with people that just confidently shout out facts trying trump my argument. So it becomes more of a competition of who can give more facts rather than whether or not those facts are true or false. If someone presents more facts than me in an argument that forces me into a corner, but its easy to escape that trap. First of all, whether or not someone has a better argument is never dependant upon the number of facts they present, it is totally dependant upon whether or not those facts are true or false. Second, if you don’t think that someone’s fact is correct ask them to prove it, most of the time they can‘t. There has been so many times that I’ve been discussing issues with people that present a fact that they know nothing about, they merely know talking points.

Far to many times people are just regurgitating information with out actually understanding what they’re saying about the issue only because someone they like said it. Over the years I have tried (emphasize tried) to listen to something a person say’s and make a judgment on that issue before I hear someone else’s opinion. This allows for me to form my own ideas independently, rather than form ideas based on what someone else say’s. One might say that is a subjective way of approaching an issue, but its not. I’ll reiterate again that there can be a true fact and it can have two different opinions directed at it without the fact loosing its truth. This allows me to look at an issue objectively, see if it is true or not and then form an opinion. Once I’ve formed an opinion I then look at what the people that I agree and don’t agree with are saying and either keep or modify my opinion based on true facts that they bring to the table. My opinion then becomes something that is grounded in objective truth rather than an opinion that is based on subjective reasoning. It is no longer subject to what I or someone else think is true, but what is true.

I know that in life there will always be subjectivity, people will always like different things, there will always be issues that have gray areas and people will always have different opinions on different issues. All I am trying to get out of people is truth, because it is nearly impossible to spin issues in your favor all the time. Truth must always be accounted for and it must prevail.

Something I Despise: Narcissism In Grocery Store Lines

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So I was win Wal-Mart the other night. Now if you don’t already know this Wal-Mart lines are really long at night because they are short on staff and that is understandable seeing as how Wal-Mart is a 24 hour store. So I was in line just minding my own business, there was a little old lady behind me and another guy and a younger lady behind the guy.

So they open up a new line next to mine. Automatically the guy behind the little old lady goes to the front of the new line. The little old lady is pushing a cart that probably weighs as much or more than her own body weight and can‘t make it over there as fast as the much younger more agile people. So the guy that was behind the little old lady actually goes and doesn’t let her go ahead of him. Personally I think there is some unspoken line etiquette that needs to be addressed. If the line is already formed and they open a new lane the line should be kept in tact.

The younger lady behind the guy in line must know about these unspoken rules because she let the little old lady go ahead of her. It is astonishing the amount of narcissism that is out there these day’s.

And that’s something I despise.