Something I Despise: Movie Criticism

Here’s something that I despise. Most of the time when I sit down to watch a movie I intend on enjoying it. But must I watch a movie alone to really enjoy its greatness? Because it seems as though people really want to watch movies, yet when they watch them they criticize every scene. I don’t sit down to eat breakfast in the morning and as I take every bite exclaim how bad it is. “This microwaveable bacon sure is awful, you don’t even measure up to the real stuff!” “Gee, these waffles are slightly soggy.”

Here’s when it gets on my nerves the most. Its when you’re watching a completely implausible movie and people have the guts to criticize something that is far more plausible than the entire plot of the movie. Lets just say your watching, oh I don’t know, a Muppet Movie, you know Kermit and the gang. Your watching the Muppets happy as a clam, when all of the sudden someone comes in and starts criticizing how Kermit‘s shoe sits on the peddle as he rides his bike. The thing that makes me mad is the fact that in their minds they totally allow Kermit to be riding the bike in the first place. Excuse me, if we are going to take this criticism as far as it can go lets do it! Do you honestly think a frog puppet would be riding a bike to begin with? No!

Its almost like people are afraid that if they don’t point out all of the implausibility’s that the people around them might actually think they’re stupid or something. Well here’s a clue for you guys and gals, you won’t! Just watch the movie and be happy, let your emotions go!

We spend to much time in life directing our emotions towards the wrong areas in life, while saving our ability to think rationally for times when rational thought is not called for. When it comes to real life situations there is far to much emotion and not enough rationality. There’s emotions in our schools, emotions in our voting, emotions in child’s sporting activities, from both the over working parents and the people that take keeping score out of the game, because the loosing team might “feel” bad.

And that’s something a despise.


3 Responses to “Something I Despise: Movie Criticism”

  1. I think I agree with you to some extent, though I’m thankful for being able to look up movie reviews online. Those have saved me from watching a lot of really bad movies.

  2. Yeah, I’m just talking about a night with the friends or something like that.

  3. By the by, this is going to be a recurring thing on here, the “something I despise” category.

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