Congratulations! I Love This Country!

I am perplexed. I love this country and rightfully so, it deserves to be loved. Tonight an amazing feat that has been accomplished. And while I am not pleased with the results of this election I cannot be more pleased with and proud of this country. We have an amazing system that proved itself and worked wonderfully well tonight.

Though as I sit here watching the television tonight there are things that I wonder. Are the supporters of the president elect as proud of this country as I am right now, or are they proud of their leaders. While I don’t hardly agree with anything that President Elect Obama stands for I am still proud of this country.

I would be proud of this country whether it was John McCain or Barack Obama. I am not only proud of my country when my party is in power. However, I don’t think the same can be said for the leftists out there. I know that there are many very respectful democrats in this country and I‘m not talking about them. I also know that there are a lot of screwy left wing people out there. If John McCain had won tonight would they be proud of this country? I would submit that it is possible that they would not.

I can’t help but bring up the hatred that’s been thrown from the far left at President Bush. These people do not have an attitude that is willing to unite, and that stems from the extreme emotional investment that they put in the people that are in the government. I do not want to invest my emotions in the government. But these people invest extreme emotions in the government and that is shown by their extreme hatred over the last eight years.

My hope and prayer is that President Obama will do a good job. I hope that he fights with the very left wing congress and does not bow down before them. I do not wish to see him fail, because if he fails the country fails. I will respect him, possibly even support him if he does things that I agree with.

My aim is to keep this country great, I have no desire to see it fail. I also want to see conservatism prosper. With that said, congratulations President Elect Barack Obama.


2 Responses to “Congratulations! I Love This Country!”

  1. Your reaction is very level-headed compared to most Republicans I know. I think you’re right on man.

  2. Thanks! Unfortunately there are a lot of stupid people on every side of the isle and as practical people we must fight to keep those people in check no matter what side it comes from.

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