Third Party? No.

Am I a man of principle? I had to ask myself that question when I was forced by my peers to ponder whether or not in good (political) conscience I can vote for someone based entirely on the fact they are the lesser of the two evils. In this country, with the way that our election process currently works, you are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils because they are the only viable option to win. And you might not be voting for someone as much as you are voting against the opponent of the candidate you voted for.

Does that make me void of principle? It certainly does not. One might ask, why it is viable to vote for someone that you don’t entirely agree with based solely on the notion that they have a better chance of winning? It is viable, because in the search for a candidate you will most likely never find someone that you will totally agree with. The basic truth that one must attest to is the fact that the only person one can vote for and be in total concurrence with would have to be ones self. Compromise is virtually always a must when it comes to the election process and politics, whether it be a small or a large amount, one must compromise. Voters must compromise something in order to allow the person they agree with most to get elected or to not elect the candidate they don’t agree with the most.

Doesn’t voting for a third party send a message to the other parties? To a small degree yes. But in the long run, not really because its hard to send a message to people that don’t take you seriously. That would be like bringing pellet gun into war. Do you honestly think the enemy would take that seriously? I think not. Pellet guns look like guns, they feel like guns and they even have ammunition, but if that ammunition is incapable of aiding your fight its worthless. Third parties look like parties, they feel like parties, and they even have candidates, but the candidates have almost no chance of winning.

Third party’s tend to be more extreme versions of the republicans and democrats or right and left, taking one or two principals form one of those sides and using that as the driving force of their parties platform. And those more extreme versions of republicans and democrats tend to hurt the party that favors that certain principal more than they help it. An example that favors my argument would be the 1992 election and Ross Perot’s affect on the race. Ross Perot had more of an appeal to disgruntled center-right voters and that took a toll on the Republican ticket. It is quite possible that had Perot not run and taken nearly 20% of the popular vote Bill Clinton might not have won. And did that send a message to the Republican party? Not really, because eight years later another Bush, George W. Bush, was running and the two party system that is so prevalent in today’s society was still the standard operating procedure for the election of a president.


One Response to “Third Party? No.”

  1. I like the way you show your point. The fact that you even think about issues most people don’t.

    Here in Australia the voting is compulsory and the situation is therefore much worse.

    Sure it is very important and basic political issue but it may be insignificant when we start to analyze the issue of responsibility of politicians and officials. Perhaps when responsibility for own actions be a fact of life, the small issues of election would become much less important.

    I emigrated from communist Poland only to find that it does not matter how the system is called, if there is no responsibility of officials including judges and all officials, there will not be true freedom, prosperity or happiness.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the effects of decision to vote in particular way. Definitely right not to go to vote also sends some message and gives freedom, we Australians do not have.

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