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Hello December

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So I saw Merle Haggard with Dylan in 2006 and it was a good show. I’ve been thinking about this song for a while kind of fits these day’s.


Dear Responsibility, Where Were You All My Life?

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So as some of you may know, I finally moved out of the parents house and moved in with a couple of buddies. Lately I have become overly responsible, almost to a point that I don’t know who I am. I mean sweeping the porch and washing dishes is not my idea of a fun day, but  that’s what I’ve been doing on my day’s off. Where did this sudden burst of responsibility come from?

There was a time (a couple months ago) when I lacked some responsibility, but now it seems as though those day’s are gone. I think a lot of it might be due to a lack of money. If I have to pay for my rent, my cell phone, the utilities, my car, and my insurance I basically can’t really do anything that costs money, outside of shopping at Wal-mart and paying for gas, maybe playing some pool, at .75 cents a game its not that painful to the pocket book. So that keeps me in the house a lot, and when your at the house you might as well make it a better place to live, right?

Back in the day (again 2 months ago) I was a dish dirtier. I compiled dishes in my room and would one day bring them out to the dishwasher, which happened to be my mother. And that’s just how it went down in my house and she was usually not very happy about tons of old crusty dishes. Now I am a fellow dishwasher with my roommates here and it seems as though I will not let a dirty dish go without being washed. I mean come on, the other night I didn’t leave the house until all the dishes were done. What is wrong with me! I’m cleaning counters and I even clean the hair out of the sink in the bathroom after I shave.

I’m slowly finding out that a lot of the things I thought I was, I no longer am. I guess that is part of growing up. We must take on new tasks and start new journeys that require us to work just a little bit harder to make them work out the best for us.

Tech Update 2

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I have to credit blogger TucsonSammy for showing me gives you the ability to post the same update messages on different sites simultaneously. I use it to update my facebook and my twitter page at the same time. But in the future I will start looking at way’s to use with WordPress, so I can take advantage of it on my blog. Go to the website and check it out, if your into social networking and you don’t want to have to update them all at different times this is great for you. Homepage


Ok, so if you know anything about how radio automation works this is going to be great for you. I learned the basics of this program in about 2 minutes. If you don’t know anything about radio automation software this will be slightly more complicated, but a lot less complicated than the stuff that real radio stations use. Zararadio is perfect for a pod caster or web radio show host. If you are a good multi-tasker you might be able to pre-load an hour of breaks and do your show alone.

It has some good features. There is a clock, also instant info on the date, temperature and humidity, a very large cue window, and an easy way drag and drop files into the cue, so the interface is fairly easy to use. There are a lot of express buttons for quick and easy instant sound clips. It play’s wmv, mp3 and ogg files. The log feature takes note of everything you do if you’d like to go back and look at something that played. Something that I’ve not used is the DTMF tone detector, but it sounds like an interesting plus for a free program, it gathers tones that satellite programs emit to know when to get to go to a break. Another interesting feature is the “talk over” function which takes audio down in order for an announcer to talk over it, and would really aid anyone that is running a show or acting as a DJ on their own. Other features include password protect, event schedulers, track crossfade, end of song detector, and five players (1 main + 4 aux).

There are some things that I’d like to see. First is a way to trigger the cue via the keyboard, it would make for easier and a more effective error free way to start commercials or songs. Saving the title of your “jingles” page is slightly annoying and actually saving a setup in the cue did not work out for me the first time I tried it, but I might have to try it again once I have a different computer setup. I am not a fan of the list of files on the left side of the screen, I’d prefer a more friendly way to look at your files.

Overall, this is a great free program, I’ve tried many free automation programs and they all tend to be beta programs or “free to try” so they only give you half of the features. ZaraRadio gives you all of the features and makes for a good program.

The ZaraRadio Homepage


Something I Despise: Movie Criticism

Posted in Something I Despise on November 18, 2008 by raingeg

Here’s something that I despise. Most of the time when I sit down to watch a movie I intend on enjoying it. But must I watch a movie alone to really enjoy its greatness? Because it seems as though people really want to watch movies, yet when they watch them they criticize every scene. I don’t sit down to eat breakfast in the morning and as I take every bite exclaim how bad it is. “This microwaveable bacon sure is awful, you don’t even measure up to the real stuff!” “Gee, these waffles are slightly soggy.”

Here’s when it gets on my nerves the most. Its when you’re watching a completely implausible movie and people have the guts to criticize something that is far more plausible than the entire plot of the movie. Lets just say your watching, oh I don’t know, a Muppet Movie, you know Kermit and the gang. Your watching the Muppets happy as a clam, when all of the sudden someone comes in and starts criticizing how Kermit‘s shoe sits on the peddle as he rides his bike. The thing that makes me mad is the fact that in their minds they totally allow Kermit to be riding the bike in the first place. Excuse me, if we are going to take this criticism as far as it can go lets do it! Do you honestly think a frog puppet would be riding a bike to begin with? No!

Its almost like people are afraid that if they don’t point out all of the implausibility’s that the people around them might actually think they’re stupid or something. Well here’s a clue for you guys and gals, you won’t! Just watch the movie and be happy, let your emotions go!

We spend to much time in life directing our emotions towards the wrong areas in life, while saving our ability to think rationally for times when rational thought is not called for. When it comes to real life situations there is far to much emotion and not enough rationality. There’s emotions in our schools, emotions in our voting, emotions in child’s sporting activities, from both the over working parents and the people that take keeping score out of the game, because the loosing team might “feel” bad.

And that’s something a despise.

Observations On The Government Assisting the Auto Industry

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I’m no expert on economics, nor do I claim to know everything about the current situation that we’re in, but I do know that it is not good. This is an open invitation to correct me if I am wrong, but I think I have a grasp on the situation. That said, when it comes to the government bailing out the automobile manufacturers, I say no!

There are three reasons why the automobile companies are going under right now. First, one of the smaller reasons, the government has put so many environmental regulations on vehicle’s and the gas that they consume, that it hinders the companies ability to make vehicles that give the people the most bang for their buck. Many car and truck owners will buy a new vehicle and mod it to get better gas mileage. When it comes time to send the car to emissions they just put the stock parts back on so they can pass the ridiculous test. A test that ends up hurting low income families, because generally low income families drive older cars that require the test, while the newer, more expensive cars don‘t.

So what keeps the environmental problems from plaguing the foreign automakers? I’m glad you asked. They were already used to making cars that got good gas mileage, plus its not that taxing on the company to endure some regulations from the EPA because they are so far removed from the other issues below.

The second, and larger reason why these companies are failing is because the quality of their product does not match that of their foreign competitors. Many moons ago, when Nixon and Carter were in office our country went through some tough times, arguably tougher than these day’s and people had wait in long lines for gas, if you don’t believe me watch that movie “Miracle” you‘ll see the gas lines in the movie, anyway, that put a light bulb over the heads of the foreign automobile makers. You see, as I said, they were already making small, more fuel efficient cars, and given our fuel situation at the time they figured selling these cars to America would not be that hard to do. And it wasn’t! The people actually liked the cars and that forced the American companies to make a decision, either we make smaller and better cars or keep going where we’re going.

The third reason that I recently learned about is union involvement. One thing that separates some of the foreign automakers from the domestic automakers is their lack of unions. According to an article from, about foreign automakers in Indiana, when the energy crisis hit in the 70’s, as I said earlier that opened the door for the foreign automakers to come in. Later on the Japanese automakers started building in the U.S. “but with lower costs, using non-union plants to keep the cost per unit-produced below the cost for domestic-made cars.” The problem is that the unions have the domestic manufacturers tied into to tons of deals that they are required to pay for. When the automakers are forced to pay their dues they go into debt doing it. In an article published a year ago, annalists estimated that Ford owed around “$31 billion in future retiree health-care costs”, these are things that were promised to their employees after being negotiated in by the unions. It seems to me that when there’s an extraordinary emphasis on the wellbeing of the employees of a company and not the company itself you are bound to run into problems. It doesn’t make sense to risk the company to make your employees happy.

Before I go on let me say that any one of these problems alone is not enough to do the damage that has already been done, it is the combination of them all that really hurts the domestic automaker.

According to the article from the employees of foreign automakers that build in Indiana have not seen any reason to unionize. The company keeps the people it employ’s happy. The article also said that the automakers build factories in right-to-work states, which makes it difficult to unionize.

In the article Joe Phillippi of AutoTrends said that “When the Japanese interview workers here for jobs, it’s not that they screen potential hires for their anti-union feelings,

But they do screen them for their pro-teamwork attitudes. When they needed 1,000 to 2,000 workers, they had 10,000 to 20,000 people coming in for interviews. They had the pick of the litter from those who, while not anti-union, were at least not readily receptive to a union.”

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about my thoughts on the subject. I like American made products, but as an American I am a capitalist as well and if someone makes a better product I see no problem with buying it. The next thing that I am going to look into is bankruptcy, because a lot of people are saying they’d prefer the domestic automakers file for bankruptcy before the government spends anymore money.


Read this article by Charles Krauthammer from The Washington Post. This better explains the ramifications of a nationalized automobile industry. Its not good a sounding future if President Elect Barack Obama goes through with this.

Congratulations! I Love This Country!

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I am perplexed. I love this country and rightfully so, it deserves to be loved. Tonight an amazing feat that has been accomplished. And while I am not pleased with the results of this election I cannot be more pleased with and proud of this country. We have an amazing system that proved itself and worked wonderfully well tonight.

Though as I sit here watching the television tonight there are things that I wonder. Are the supporters of the president elect as proud of this country as I am right now, or are they proud of their leaders. While I don’t hardly agree with anything that President Elect Obama stands for I am still proud of this country.

I would be proud of this country whether it was John McCain or Barack Obama. I am not only proud of my country when my party is in power. However, I don’t think the same can be said for the leftists out there. I know that there are many very respectful democrats in this country and I‘m not talking about them. I also know that there are a lot of screwy left wing people out there. If John McCain had won tonight would they be proud of this country? I would submit that it is possible that they would not.

I can’t help but bring up the hatred that’s been thrown from the far left at President Bush. These people do not have an attitude that is willing to unite, and that stems from the extreme emotional investment that they put in the people that are in the government. I do not want to invest my emotions in the government. But these people invest extreme emotions in the government and that is shown by their extreme hatred over the last eight years.

My hope and prayer is that President Obama will do a good job. I hope that he fights with the very left wing congress and does not bow down before them. I do not wish to see him fail, because if he fails the country fails. I will respect him, possibly even support him if he does things that I agree with.

My aim is to keep this country great, I have no desire to see it fail. I also want to see conservatism prosper. With that said, congratulations President Elect Barack Obama.

My Last Post Before The Election: For A Young Conservative

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After just about two years of campaigning and two years of very interesting politics, its about to come to an end, and I’m actually pretty happy. I can’t wait for all of the political street signs to come down and just have a year away from the whole election process. The last time that we really had a break from election politics was 2005, after the ‘04 election and between the ‘06 midterm election.

For a while now I’ve been pondering the roll of younger people in the conservative movement. Because generally speaking most young people tend to lean leftward. I don’t know if that is due to the young persons not being in touch with the real world or because they are indoctrinated by their leftist college professors. Nonetheless, being a young person myself, I have desires for the conservative movements role in politics and the young people that take part in it.

If there is one thing that is different about today’s society for a young person compared to the society that my parents grew up in, its that being a conservative and a young person is not nearly as lame as it was in those day’s. Today, conservatives don’t necessarily fall into the stereotypical mold that they might have in the 60’s and 70‘s. It is very possible to be young, cool and conservative.

How can we, as young conservative’s, allow conservative ideals to penetrate the minds of our peers? It can be summed up in one word, respect. Respect the other side. There is so much disgusting junk that has come out of the far left and those on the sane side of conservatism need not sink to that level. A level probably reached by teachers in high school and college and activists on campuses and elsewhere that do a better job of silencing opposition than they do allowing it.

From the looks of the country at this time Sen. Barack Obama has a very good chance of winning this election. If Obama wins the election we must recognize that even though we do not agree with him, he is our president and we need to respect him. If he does something that is commendable than we should commend him. If he does something that we do not agree with, which he more than likely will, we should sanely voice our dissent without attacking the mans character.

We can’t take the route that The Daily Kos, The Huffington Post, and frequently take when it comes to their dissent with President Bush, dissent that often turns into hatred.

But please don’t let me be mistaken, just because we respect the other sides right to freely speak, doesn’t mean that have to be pacifists when it comes to our words. If you have a viable and truthful critique of another human there is nothing wrong with attacking their political/social beliefs and actions, but that can be done without attacking another persons character.

Young and old conservatives alike need to hold politicians accountable. It is imperative that the Republican party clean up their act and get some better politicians that have better PR. Hopefully we can do this in the 2010 midterm election. The Republican party is really the only place conservative politicians can be heard, but a lot of those “Republicans” that have been in and are right now in congress don’t have conservative values and have greatly damaged the image of Republicans. And as far as President Bush goes, he has done a fairly bad job communicating to the American people. Had he communicated better with the people during his time in office he would have a better approval rating and he wouldn’t be such a threat to John McCain during this election.

The last thing that needs to happen, is we need to figure out what our aim is. If our aim is becoming more conservative than let that be our aim. But if our aim is to continue down the path we’re on, by allowing the politicians in the Republican party (again the only place where conservatives have a voice) to continue being fiscally irresponsible, with us advocates of more conservative government floundering somewhere in between, we will never live up to our conservative name. Being a conservative is not only a social issue.

So young conservatives out there, go out tomorrow and vote! I know I’ve just written about how we need to be more conservative, and I know that voting for McCain seems like a step away from that goal. But you must realize how much greater damage can be done by doing the opposite or doing nothing at all. We will have time to fix our message, but I’d rather do the repairs under McCain than Obama. So lets hopefully get McCain in and then lets get to work by holding him accountable. I am not thrilled with the condition of the Republican party, obviously, but I am not at all comfortable with the state that the Democrat party is in. If we allow them to get in to office far more than the Republican party and conservatism will be damaged, so don’t for a minute think that inaction will only be punishing the Republicans. This election is important and before you sleep tonight, pray for our country and pray for our future President.