Good Morals vs. Cancer Causing Viruses

You need not look around to see the moral decline in America, its pretty much everywhere you go. One of the hardest hit areas in this country is the medical field. The medical profession is constantly finding way’s to appease the bad habits of the American people. And I’m not particularly talking about smoking and drinking, though those do have an ill effect on the health of America. I’m mostly referring to the sexual arena.

If you haven’t noticed, helping people have promiscuous sexual habits seems like its a desire of the medical world. Though I highly doubt that American doctor’s sit around and plan how they can make sex a more common and safe practice. However, I do think the sources feeding the doctors information via studies and poll’s wouldn’t oppose that type of world; i.e., higher education elites.

Its no secret that abortion is legal in America, making it easier for people to have promiscuous sex and not have to deal with life’s consequences. They’ve also created the morning after pill to eliminate the chance of having a baby after a night of fun, basically abortion on demand. They’ve also come up with vaccines to protect teens against sexually transmitted diseases. Which doesn’t seem bad at first, but it facilitates the idea that teens need to be sexually active.

In an article out of the Associated Press Medical Writer they say that “one in four teen girls have rolled up their sleeves for the relatively new vaccine against cervical cancer.” This is the first sentence of the article and they are misleading the reader. The vaccine is not actually for preventing cervical cancer as much as it is targeting “the sexually transmitted human papilloma virus.” HPV causes 70 percent of cervical cancers and is sexually transmitted.

“Health officials”
recommend that “girls get the shots when they are 11 or 12, if possible, before they become sexually active.” So as you can see this vaccine helps facilitate the type of promiscuous lifestyle that is so prevalent in today’s society.

If you don’t buy the moral argument, than maybe you’ll buy burdensome cost argument and not buy the vaccine. Its quite expensive “retailing for about $375, although many health insurers now cover it.”

I’m not the type of person that’s against medical advancement, but I’m not in favor of a society where sexual promiscuity is the norm. It has become so ridiculously unfathomable for schools and families to teach abstinence. Its the best, easiest and cheapest way to prevent all of these problems from ever befalling the young men and women in America and they continue to refuse it as the most viable option.


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