My Take on the Debate

I love the show 24, there is something about it, mostly the way it draw’s you in and makes you want to watch it for a day straight. However I don’t see myself in the near future watching any of the seasons on DVD because it seems like a waste of time. That’s how I feel about the debates, there is nothing new in them. Both McCain and Obama continue saying the same thing and as a decided voter I don’t need to hear about these issues again. I guess if there is an undecided voter out there, hearing what Obama and McCain stand for again will be helpful, but its hard for me to fathom an undecided voter when the information needed to make a decision is so accessible these day‘s.

So now for my take on the debate, a debate that was void of anything new for me to write about. At first me and my buddy were listening to it in the car and McCain was not doing to well. As time went on and the subject matter changed form the economy to national security he picked up the pace a little bit. Although, at times, I did find myself answering the questions for John, actually, more like screaming at the TV as if I were watching the world series or the super bowl.

All I can say is that McCain dominated Obama on the strategic military operations part of the debate. Anytime he was talking about what we need to do on any of the fronts in the war on terror he knew what he was talking about and that was good. During the economic portion of the debate, as my friend so eloquently put it, he sounded like he was going to cry. It might not have been that bad, but he really didn’t say to much new stuff. He didn’t do in that portion what he did do in the military portion of the debate, which was attack Obama more. The problem is that no matter what he say’s he’s going against the wind, because the cards are stacked in Obama’s favor when it comes to economic issues. McCain needs to use his temper, and find a bat, because he is in dire need of some homerun’s in the coming weeks and in the next debate. He cannot afford to sound like the same old McCain from the first two debates and he needs to create a new stump speech, because this one is getting old and over used.

As for Obama’s part in the speech, I think that he looked weak during the foreign policy area, as I‘ve said, but he did better than McCain in the economic portion. I think that if McCain spoke about the economy as strategically as he does about the military he would be doing a lot better than he is now. Unfortunately, for McCain this economic crisis happened at the completely wrong time, and the completely right time for Obama.

Overall I don’t feel any different about this election because of this debate. I don’t think there was a clear winner as far as the actual debate goes. The main reason for the lack of a winner is the fact that nothing new came out of it.  McCain did have a good line or two every now and then, there was also a time where proudly walked over to his chair sending Obama a “what’ve you got now” signal. But a couple of good lines and a confident walk won’t get anyone anywhere except confidently walking to the closest phone to give Barack Obama a call congratulating him on his victory.

McCain, you said you were going to take the gloves off, take them off. Blogger’s, Sarah Palin and talk radio hosts can’t do all of your bidding for you. You need to fight back because right now things don’t look to good for you sir.

It should be noted that even though I believe McCain is down in America and the polls substantiate that claim, I’m not entirely convinced that this race is over. We are still just as divided as we were in 2000 and in 2004, both very close races. And in politics a month is a long time.


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