Ode To October

October is a great time of the year. You start to smell the fall air even more fervently than you did in September, Fall becomes less of a prayer and more of a reality. Temperatures start dropping and festivals start popping up. The radio industry starts to really pick up and life for me will be hectic over the next three months or so. Kids are all jazzed up for Halloween and parents are starting to think about holiday plans. People start pulling down boxes of clothes made for cooler weather, and in Arizona you can roll down the windows and actually enjoy it.

For me it’s the knowledge that we are entering the most heavily family oriented time of the year. Aunt’s, Uncle’s and Cousin’s will be coming down to visit and the family will convene, as families do on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ah Christmas, did I mention that I love Christmas, I’ll start dusting off my Bing Crosby White Christmas vinyl and start making my Christmas play lists. And prepare for the Holiday with some early shopping, though I am a sucker for the hustle and bustle of the Holiday’s, so I’ll most likely punish myself with some last minute shopping just to get all the sites and sounds during the Christmas season. There’s nothing like walking through the mall listening to the distant HoHoHoing of the mall Santa Clause and to faint Christmas carols over the speakers planted high in the ceiling. Running into shopper after shopper with the knowledge that under any normal circumstances you wouldn’t stand for this crowd for a minute.

That’s what October is to me, it’s the home stretch and at the end of this cumbersome road that we walk there is happiness, hope and joy. Keep reading cause I am done with my break and back to writing again.


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