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Three’s Company: Obama, Fannie and Freddie

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Many investors are nervous because of the current uncertainty in the stock market, and the general lack of liquidity in the financial markets. Now, however, is NOT the time to sell. There are some unique buying opportunities in a market that has lost 20% of its value.  If you can avoid the herd mentality fueled by the same type of speculation that caused this crisis, there are good profits to be gained in the future – if you are prudent and patient. The American economy is still the strongest in the world. Success from Wall Street to Main Street, however, may have something to do with who is elected President in 2008.

The argument put forth by the Obama campaign and his media minions is that John McCain and the GOP have caused the decline in the economy and the stock market. Their endless “blame Bush” mantra seems to apply here. They want you to forget that lower incremental tax rates for individuals and businesses, as advocated by the GOP, have increased revenues to the Treasury dramatically since 2003, and are a worldwide example of successful tax policy.

The Democrats endeavor to inoculate Senator Obama from any connection to any of the current market volatility. They want you to believe that Obama and his liberal economic brain trust will change America for the better and make the improvements needed to correct the economy.  Yet Barack Obama wants to raise corporate taxes and make it more difficult for small businesses to reinvest in their own operations.  Obama’s tax policy will further slow our economy by confiscating more money from investors and decreasing liquidity in the market.

In addition, the failures of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were a result of crooked accountants cooking the books to make their bundled loan packages look like profitable risks to the Wall Street banks.  These same officials got away with their crimes by lavishing money on mostly Democratic legislators, including Obama, who was the second highest recipient of Fannie/Freddie money in Congress.

Obama looked the other way when these same executives opened their golden parachutes and took off with taxpayer money.  The way he tells the story, it seems like it was everybody else’s responsibility, just not the Democrats in Congress. Now Obama and his friends are trying to cover their tracks and pointing fingers at the one man who called to reign in the government sponsored entities – John McCain.

Senator McCain has advocated for stricter oversight and regulation of both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — dating back to 2006. As a cosponsor of the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005, McCain supported legislation that would have curbed the greed and corruption surrounding the subprime mortgage market.  This bill was killed by Ranking Democrats on the Senate Banking Committee.

Is it any wonder why Obama would try to deflect attention from his own connections to this crisis?   James Johnson, who headed his VP selection Committee, was Fannie CEO and “Subprime Mortgage Queen” Penny Pritzer, Obama’s campaign Finance Chair, were both not only involved in this debacle but directly responsible for creating the situations that began the sub prime lending schemes and caused the mortgage collapse.

The real problem, however, is more insidious. Since the mid 1990’s, Democrats have used home ownership as a club to gain political advantage from minority groups and low-income voters, with whom they sought to curry favor across America. The Democrats, collaborating with community organizing groups like ACORN, beat up bankers, regulators, and whomever else, in order to drive their dangerous political agenda.

The result was that many hundreds of thousands of loans were made to first time homeowners with no chance of repayment. Bankers across America suffered with excessive delinquency, which resulted in the secondary mortgage industry being wrecked by these politically connected executives selfishly intent on gaining voters for their Democrat candidates. Meanwhile, the Democrats running Fannie and Freddie made untold millions. These are undisputed facts.

We face an election for the United States Presidency on November 4th and we’re still faced with serious questions about Obama’s fiscal policy.  Most importantly, can Americans trust the Democrat party to play fair in the future, on the Housing issue, or any other partisan issue, when for over a decade they only played in a way that benefited them personally and politically?  Should Barack Obama be trusted with proposing tax policy, when he has voted nine times against lowering the capital gains tax rate, seven times against implementing tax incentives for small businesses, six times against lowering the estate tax and three times against repealing a more than decade-old increase in taxes on Social Security benefits.

When you are looking at your 401-K, or IRA, why would you ever entrust your future to Barack Obama and the Democrats?  It’s possible that the rest of the marketplace, now seeing the real possibility of an Obama Presidency, may be bailing from the market. Many observers are beginning to opine that the recent market issues have a lot to do with a lack of confidence in a potential Obama presidency. The handwriting is on the wall, and the future looks grim if Obama wins in November.

-Bruce Ash


Good Morals vs. Cancer Causing Viruses

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You need not look around to see the moral decline in America, its pretty much everywhere you go. One of the hardest hit areas in this country is the medical field. The medical profession is constantly finding way’s to appease the bad habits of the American people. And I’m not particularly talking about smoking and drinking, though those do have an ill effect on the health of America. I’m mostly referring to the sexual arena.

If you haven’t noticed, helping people have promiscuous sexual habits seems like its a desire of the medical world. Though I highly doubt that American doctor’s sit around and plan how they can make sex a more common and safe practice. However, I do think the sources feeding the doctors information via studies and poll’s wouldn’t oppose that type of world; i.e., higher education elites.

Its no secret that abortion is legal in America, making it easier for people to have promiscuous sex and not have to deal with life’s consequences. They’ve also created the morning after pill to eliminate the chance of having a baby after a night of fun, basically abortion on demand. They’ve also come up with vaccines to protect teens against sexually transmitted diseases. Which doesn’t seem bad at first, but it facilitates the idea that teens need to be sexually active.

In an article out of the Associated Press Medical Writer they say that “one in four teen girls have rolled up their sleeves for the relatively new vaccine against cervical cancer.” This is the first sentence of the article and they are misleading the reader. The vaccine is not actually for preventing cervical cancer as much as it is targeting “the sexually transmitted human papilloma virus.” HPV causes 70 percent of cervical cancers and is sexually transmitted.

“Health officials”
recommend that “girls get the shots when they are 11 or 12, if possible, before they become sexually active.” So as you can see this vaccine helps facilitate the type of promiscuous lifestyle that is so prevalent in today’s society.

If you don’t buy the moral argument, than maybe you’ll buy burdensome cost argument and not buy the vaccine. Its quite expensive “retailing for about $375, although many health insurers now cover it.”

I’m not the type of person that’s against medical advancement, but I’m not in favor of a society where sexual promiscuity is the norm. It has become so ridiculously unfathomable for schools and families to teach abstinence. Its the best, easiest and cheapest way to prevent all of these problems from ever befalling the young men and women in America and they continue to refuse it as the most viable option.

My Take on the Debate

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I love the show 24, there is something about it, mostly the way it draw’s you in and makes you want to watch it for a day straight. However I don’t see myself in the near future watching any of the seasons on DVD because it seems like a waste of time. That’s how I feel about the debates, there is nothing new in them. Both McCain and Obama continue saying the same thing and as a decided voter I don’t need to hear about these issues again. I guess if there is an undecided voter out there, hearing what Obama and McCain stand for again will be helpful, but its hard for me to fathom an undecided voter when the information needed to make a decision is so accessible these day‘s.

So now for my take on the debate, a debate that was void of anything new for me to write about. At first me and my buddy were listening to it in the car and McCain was not doing to well. As time went on and the subject matter changed form the economy to national security he picked up the pace a little bit. Although, at times, I did find myself answering the questions for John, actually, more like screaming at the TV as if I were watching the world series or the super bowl.

All I can say is that McCain dominated Obama on the strategic military operations part of the debate. Anytime he was talking about what we need to do on any of the fronts in the war on terror he knew what he was talking about and that was good. During the economic portion of the debate, as my friend so eloquently put it, he sounded like he was going to cry. It might not have been that bad, but he really didn’t say to much new stuff. He didn’t do in that portion what he did do in the military portion of the debate, which was attack Obama more. The problem is that no matter what he say’s he’s going against the wind, because the cards are stacked in Obama’s favor when it comes to economic issues. McCain needs to use his temper, and find a bat, because he is in dire need of some homerun’s in the coming weeks and in the next debate. He cannot afford to sound like the same old McCain from the first two debates and he needs to create a new stump speech, because this one is getting old and over used.

As for Obama’s part in the speech, I think that he looked weak during the foreign policy area, as I‘ve said, but he did better than McCain in the economic portion. I think that if McCain spoke about the economy as strategically as he does about the military he would be doing a lot better than he is now. Unfortunately, for McCain this economic crisis happened at the completely wrong time, and the completely right time for Obama.

Overall I don’t feel any different about this election because of this debate. I don’t think there was a clear winner as far as the actual debate goes. The main reason for the lack of a winner is the fact that nothing new came out of it.  McCain did have a good line or two every now and then, there was also a time where proudly walked over to his chair sending Obama a “what’ve you got now” signal. But a couple of good lines and a confident walk won’t get anyone anywhere except confidently walking to the closest phone to give Barack Obama a call congratulating him on his victory.

McCain, you said you were going to take the gloves off, take them off. Blogger’s, Sarah Palin and talk radio hosts can’t do all of your bidding for you. You need to fight back because right now things don’t look to good for you sir.

It should be noted that even though I believe McCain is down in America and the polls substantiate that claim, I’m not entirely convinced that this race is over. We are still just as divided as we were in 2000 and in 2004, both very close races. And in politics a month is a long time.

Ode To October

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October is a great time of the year. You start to smell the fall air even more fervently than you did in September, Fall becomes less of a prayer and more of a reality. Temperatures start dropping and festivals start popping up. The radio industry starts to really pick up and life for me will be hectic over the next three months or so. Kids are all jazzed up for Halloween and parents are starting to think about holiday plans. People start pulling down boxes of clothes made for cooler weather, and in Arizona you can roll down the windows and actually enjoy it.

For me it’s the knowledge that we are entering the most heavily family oriented time of the year. Aunt’s, Uncle’s and Cousin’s will be coming down to visit and the family will convene, as families do on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ah Christmas, did I mention that I love Christmas, I’ll start dusting off my Bing Crosby White Christmas vinyl and start making my Christmas play lists. And prepare for the Holiday with some early shopping, though I am a sucker for the hustle and bustle of the Holiday’s, so I’ll most likely punish myself with some last minute shopping just to get all the sites and sounds during the Christmas season. There’s nothing like walking through the mall listening to the distant HoHoHoing of the mall Santa Clause and to faint Christmas carols over the speakers planted high in the ceiling. Running into shopper after shopper with the knowledge that under any normal circumstances you wouldn’t stand for this crowd for a minute.

That’s what October is to me, it’s the home stretch and at the end of this cumbersome road that we walk there is happiness, hope and joy. Keep reading cause I am done with my break and back to writing again.