Tech Update 1

So lately I have been using some new things that have come along technology wise. A lot of it is on this blog and some of it just makes life a little more interesting for me.


The first thing I’d like to show you is an awesome free program called TVersity. TVersity is a program that allows you to watch, listen, or view any media on your television, palm, PSP, or cell phone. Any video, any music and any pictures that you have on your PC can be sent over the internet to the device of your choice. In order to use this program you of course need to have something to use it with. If you are a Wii, Xbox360, or Playstation3 owner you can definitely use this piece of software. Even if you don’t have one of those game consoles it works with a plethora of other devices.

One of the most amazing things that TVersity has to offer is conversion on the fly. My PS3 doesn’t have the ability to play some video formats, not to worry, if you have TVersity you can play those videos that normally wouldn’t play, really without doing anything, just by downloading the software. The other awesome part about this program is the RSS feeds and live streaming video and audio. If you have a favorite vlog, pod cast or video pod cast all you need to input the RSS info into TVersity and you are set to go. Also if there is any streaming video or audio channels that you want to watch or listen to just add that address to your TVersity and you are good to go. This is a must have.

TVersity Homepage
The TVersity blog


Earlier last week I went to the Twitter website to check it out and decide if it was anything I was interested in starting. I actually passed it up the first time I looked at the site, ironically I passed up TVersity the first time I heard about it as well. Over the weekend I was talking to a guy at work (he has a blog and he asked me if I twittered. We had both heard a lot about it on the Hugh Hewitt show because Hugh and a lot of his buddies on his show are Twittering as well. So I decided to give it another shot. The thing that sold me on Twitter is the ability to update if via your cell phone just by sending a regular old text message. I think had I known about that earlier I would have joined. So anyway, I hooked up my Twitter RSS feed to my blog and now anyone that visits my blog can see what I am doing or thinking about.

Twitter Homepage
My Twitter Profile


Del.ici.ous bookmarking website is pretty interesting. I first got interested in Delicious because of the Delicious widget that WordPress has. So I figured I would try if out. I really wanted to use it as a way to send exactly what I was reading to my blog, so readers could see some of the news stories I read throughout the day. That worked, so now I am going to delve into the Delicious bookmark website a little more, because along with an online bookmark system you can tag your bookmarks and talk about them with other people on the Delicious website. Seems pretty interesting to me.

The Delicious homepage


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