Which Candidate Will “Hook” The People

This country is divided, its no secret, as of now the Gallup numbers keep shifting and the electoral college numbers are fairly tight. This election will be chosen by that 10% that is undecided.

Your choice, is a fairly left-wing progressive Democrat Senator in Barack Obama and a more right of center Republican in John McCain. Both of the positions that these men hold, have, or currently are, hurting them in some way. For John McCain, his more centrist positions hurt him a lot in the primary season, mostly with further right conservatives. Proof is Rush (one of the most listened to talk radio hosts) and his push for people to vote for Hillary in the primary. Another example, Ann Coulter and her statement that she will not vote for McCain if he is the candidate. But Republicans proved that they wanted someone closer to the center this time around. McCain’s new hope is that by adding a socially conservative woman on to the ticket he can garner some of that further right vote. Sen. Obama on the other hand, ran as a further left progressive candidate against Hillary Clinton and is now having to move himself towards the center to garner the majority of that undecided 10%. It will be interesting to see what the more centrist and slightly more conservative Clinton supporters do in light of McCain’s new running mate. These are voters that were already on edge about Obama and I think they will definitely have to think about their vote before election day.

The 10% reminds me of the scene in the Steven Spielberg’s 1991 movie “Hook” with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman. To set the scene, Peter  “Pan” Banning (Robin Williams) has just arrived in Neverland and the lost boys are trying to see if he is the real Peter Pan, because by now he’s 30 years older than the last time he was in Neverland. Anyway, a large group of lost boys run back and forth as the other lost boys vie for either Peter or the new leader Rufio (Dante Basco). They run back and forth many times until they settle on the idea that Peter really is “The Pan”.

The undecided 10% is going to do the same thing that the lost boys did in Hook. They will run back and forth between the two candidates and try to decide who the real president is. It should be noted that the circumstance is a little different in real life, because as we know neither Obama or McCain have ever been president, where as in the movie Pan was coming back to reclaim the right to his sword, these men are just trying to win.

But nonetheless, there are some uncanny similarities between the two candidates and the characters in the movie. Take Peter Banning for example, he was a lawyer like Sen. Obama. Mr. Banning and McCain have the age issue in common. Like McCain, Rufio comes off as the more pro-active one when it comes to fighting Ctn. Hook (which could represent terrorism) and Rufio is also a tad shorter than his opponent. And Obama, like Rufio, would probably get more style points, at least before pan gets his green tights back. And yes, I do know that I am treating a Steven Spielberg movie like it is Shakespeare, but after all what would new media be like “without Captain Hook?”


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