Laissez Faire, Irony?

I was reading an article in the AP about Paris’s new plan to help curb climate change and provide those who can‘t afford a car, with the option of a short term rental of one of the governments vehicles. Not to mention government control of part of the car market.

The plan is to have “a fleet of 4,000 electric cars — 2,000 within Paris and 2,000 in the city’s suburbs.” It is dubbed “Autolib’“ and it is expected to launch in “late 2009 or early 2010.” How does this work you ask? There would be more than 700 different lots spread around the Paris area. You can pick up a car at any of those lots then return it to any one of those lots when you are finished using it and pay for the time you used it. Though its not the plan that’s the problem, more like who Paris has put in charge of the program.

The article says that a company, Zipcar, has already created a system that operates in a similar fashion, in both the U.S. and in other countries. The only real difference between Autolib’ and Zipcar, is that while Zipcar is a private company, the Autolib’ program will be “run by the city of Paris.”

That’s right folks, in Paris the government is going to purchase 4,000 cars for its people to drive. Some people are just outraged about this program, though its not the people you might think. The Green party in Paris does not like the program, they don’t only want environmentally friendly cars, they want to “reduce car use, period.”

This program comes on the heels of Paris’s 2007 government program called Velib’, it has provided the people of Paris with 16,000 silver bikes and parking spaces for them in the city.

And for the best part of the article, are you ready? The Capitol’s Mayor Bertrand Delanoe is hoping that his Autolib’ program is a success, all to boost his popularity, so he can be the leader of France’s Socialist Party. Wow, what a big surprise! The article says that the Mayor “has made fighting traffic and pollution a top goal in his seven years in office.”

Right about now you might be thinking, how does this impact me, I live in America? It impacts you because I am sure that there are many people out there, in this country, that would have no problem with this type of program. This is ludicrous, people, please understand that the Government does not give you your rights. You are born with your rights and you are in charge of the Government. This perfectly spells out the difference between America and Europe. It also shows why I constantly hope and pray that we don’t adopt these Socialist ideas.

When we have politicians telling us we can’t drive our SUV’s and keep our house at a certain degree mark, without being laughed off the stage, we know that people in America are starting to buy into the same bill of goods that the people of Europe have already bought. It is not a matter of Climate change, it is a matter of liberty. If liberty does not exist within America, America is nothing. There would be no reason for any country to take the country that pledges “liberty and justice for all” seriously, whether it be about the environment or any other topic, if we do not keep liberty the number one priority in this country. If the government, for any reason, tells you that you have to disregard your ability to live freely within the country, that action is far worse than providing the world with a good environmental example. I am convinced that if America fails to provide liberty and freedom to its people, we are sure to parish before climate change (if it exists) can take us out. And even then, I would rather live free and die from environmental problems, than die under the hand of an oppressive government. The only thing that I can say about a socialist government is that it is oppressive, if you succeed in a socialist government, you will be put into place by that government.

One of the stated goals of the program is the hope of deterring first time car buyers from “ever buying a polluting car.” This really is a travesty because it allows the government to sway how the market operates, until the day comes that they need not sway it any longer. What they really want to do, is control all of the traffic and vehicles in the city. If more and more people that live in Paris follow through with this, they will be allowing the government to do just that. In America government stay’s out of the free market and the peoples lives, and it needs to stay that way, no politician has the ability, let alone the right, at least in this country, to tell you, what you can drive or set your thermostat at.

Please remember that you are in charge of the Government and the Government should never be in charge of you! Whether they try to take your guns, money or freedom and even try sway your buying habits, you need to know that you are in charge of them.


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