That Time of Year Again!

It is that time of the year again! It seems as though I am saying that more often these day’s. It could be Halloween, Thanksgiving, Spring, Fall, Christmas, or My Birthday, and it would be that time of year again. Nonetheless, its that time of year again, the clouds are starting to slowly build on the horizon, the sky is starting to flash with blasts of static electricity, and my ears and walls are shaking, all from the arrival of the monsoon season.

This is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. Not only because the wonderful summer rain has arrived, but also because we are loading up and getting ready to head out to California in the middle of July for seven day’s of fun in Carlsbad, San Diego. I am thankful that work has provided me the time to take it off and will not mind not working for a week. It seems as though my summer vacation has shrunk down to one week, but that is enough for me.

As I am sitting here typing this post I am pondering as to what exactly is my point. Maybe its just that the summer is a great time, and right now it’s a good time be alive. I absolutely love being alive and that is the most wonderful feeling. Maybe every time is “that time of year again” because I love all of the times of the year. So its nice to just push everything aside for a while, no politics right now, just life, and what a joy it is to live.


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