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Songs With A Story

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I know I am slightly copying my buddy over at but I had to put this post up. These are some story songs that you might not have listened to in a while or ever. I’ll let the videos speak for themselves. Enjoy! (I had to edit this because it appears that I missed a topless girl in one of the videos).

Desperados Waiting for a Train – Guy Clark

Jungleland – Bruce Springsteen

One For My Baby – Frank Sinatra

The Barricades of Heaven – Jackson Browne

The Blue and the Gray – Lucero

Leader of the Band – Dan Fogelberg

6th Avenue Heartache – The Wallflowers

Big Iron – Marty Robbins

I could not find these two songs but they should be heard.

Joey -Bob Dylan

Sheriff John Brown – The Coral


Iraq and Barack Obama’s Future, Ringside

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I haven’t really written about Barack Obama that much. I tend to get a little tired of the election, about Six months in, here we are more than a year into this one and only about four more months to go. It gets slightly annoying, but every now and then I’ll find something that I’d like to touch on. I also don’t write much about Iraq. To tell you the truth I don’t know enough about it to write about it everyday. That’s what people like Michael Yon are for, they know far more than I do. But, while I will admit that I am not the most savvy Iraq War guy, I do have opinions, current opinions, about current conditions. I am extremely tired of people that keep bringing up the beginning of the war. That is in the past and it need not be resurrected anymore, we need to look at our current situation. We are in and that is it.

A lot people say President Bush is stubborn and won’t budge when it comes to his policy views, and they use that against him. How on earth has Barack Obama not enacted the same amount of stubbornness that President Bush is accused of. He voted against the surge, he says that he would still vote against the surge.

Imagine boxers in the ring, it’s the Ninth round of a Twelve round fight. You’ve got two boxers fighting to the death, the one boxer is just pummeling the other in the head constantly, and if only this guy would guard his head he could gain the opportunity to hold on to some of his stamina and counter some of these head shots. At the end of the Ninth round they go back to their corners, the guys coach tells him to guard his head and counter the other guy’s jabs with some hooks to the body, coach knows the other boxer has a real weak body and broke a couple of ribs about two years ago. But no, the man with the hemorrhaging eye resists, say’s he knows what he’s doing and he’ll keep fighting his way.

Well it’s the end of the Tenth round, the ref is about one more right hook to the head of stopping this fight. The boxers return to their corners, the guy’s eye has gone from hemorrhaging to closed shut by swollen skin. So he concedes and starts to listen to his coach. Back in the ring, he guards his head and the swollen eye, about one minute into the fight he counters with a right hook to the side of the guy’s body, breaks two of his left ribs and the guy is wobbled, he’s down for the count, but he gets back up and the bell rings. End of the Eleventh, the Twelfth is going to be hell for this guy if he doesn’t protect his body and the now broken ribs, but at this point he’s gone and it wouldn’t take but the touch of a feather to knock him down. After the Eleventh the guy with the swollen eye walks up to his coach, coach says “What’d I tell you, It worked!” The guy looks out of his good eye and says “No coach, you were wrong I was right, I could’ve won my way and I‘m going to finish it my way.” He finishes the fight victorious and is accredited with an unbelievable win.

I don’t understand why Barack Obama can’t look at the conditions on the ground and say to himself that the surge worked and it might have been a good idea to vote for it! He is the stubborn boxer at the end of the Eleventh round. The question is after the fight is said and done will Barrack Obama gleam the same fate as the storied boxer?

There was an AP article last week talking about troop withdrawal. The article says “President Bush seems likely to order thousands more soldiers home by year’s end.” This is a good thing! I am not one to say that the President deserves 100% of the credit for this occurrence, if anything the award goes to General David Petraeus for his leadership, especially the troops, without a doubt and to all the political figures that supported the surge. I acknowledge that prior to the surge the war was incredibly mismanaged and a mangled mess. But now its getting better. The article says “It now looks as though Bush has more reasons to resume the draw down than to leave the entire decision to his successor.”

The thing that I am worried about is the hypothetical scenario that Barack Obama does get elected and at that time, we are ready to withdraw the troops from Iraq. From the article “the chief spokesman for Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said the government hopes the U.S. withdraws its combat troops by 2010.” They want us gone by 2010, that’s great! The very fact that they can actually say that, right now, is a great sign of success, because I assure you a couple of years ago they could’ve said what ever they wanted, but it would have fallen on deaf ears, because they had no clout. Now they finally have the clout needed to make that statement and have it actually mean something.

Back to my hypothetical scenario. Say its inauguration day in 2009 and we are even better off in Iraq at that time than we are today. From that point on President Obama enacts his troop withdrawal program, and has the troops out within 16 month of taking office. Does he get all the credit or any of the credit, credit that is obviously undeserved? Is he the stubborn boxer?

Religion Vs. Religiosity

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When it comes to words, the word “religion” is a very divisive one, especially when it comes to Christianity and much of its effort to communicate why “religion” is not necessarily a good thing. So when I was thinking about where the barrier is I figured out that Christians are somewhat at fault when it comes to spelling out what exactly their views on religion are.

There are many way’s that people misuse the word within Christianity. I will now give the classic example and then proceed to use it that way in the following paragraph. The best example is, religion won’t save you.

Within Christianity there are people, myself included, that have come to the conclusion that religion will do nothing to get you anywhere, it will not make God love you anymore than He already does, it will not get you a better seat in heaven, and will not up the odds of you getting into heaven. But in making that statement I have to find a better word to replace “religion”. Because if I talk to another Christian they automatically understand what I mean, whereas if I am not talking to a Christian it will go straight over their head.

Religion – people’s beliefs and opinions concerning the existence, nature, and worship of a deity or deities, and divine involvement in the universe and human life.

After reading that I have to say that my religion is Christianity. I believe in God, the Trinity, and everything that goes along with the Religion of Christianity. And to a degree, to be completely straight forward, within Christianity there are some slight steps that you have take, however small they are, even if it is just believing, that is a step and you have to take it, so that qualifies it as a religion. Christianity has beliefs and opinions on all of the things listed in the above definition, so that too qualifies it as a religion. So now that we have established that Christianity is a religion, why has it caused so much division among Christians and generally people outside of Christianity?

That comes down to how we as Christians use the word. For the most part the word religion is only there to allow one to state, in a broad way, what particular faith one follows without going into great detail about a particular denomination. For example one might say there religion is Judaism, Islam, Hinduism or Christianity. That way they do not have to say I am an Orthodox Jew or a Baptist Christian. It is just a simple way to show where you stand.

I’ve heard many words that accurately replace “religion” in this debate, those being, words like works and acts. But those are still words that are to broad and often heard totally different from the Christian ear than they are in the secular or non-Christian ear. I’ve decided on Religiosity.

Religiosity – excessively or sentimentally religious: excessively, sentimentally, or affectedly pious.

To put it loosely, going through the motions of the ocean. Just kind of doing what you need to do and not paying attention to what you are really doing. Trying to attain something while not moving forward at all. Just blindly making your way through life and being there. If you were to take this person to an extreme they would be classified as your classic hypocrite. This is the person that thinks because they do a certain thing that it will matter to God. This is the person that is so pious that they are not looking out for their religion or the people around them,, they are looking out for themselves. And that’s what it comes down to, they are serving themselves and no one else. The no body but me mentality is the primary reason that religiosity is a problem. They want glory and do not want to give any of the glory to God. That might make someone a religionist.

Religionist- excessive religious enthusiasm: excessive or affected religious enthusiasm.

First off God loves you, second your works should be something that is a result of your faith not a means to obtain faith, and third there are many people that do great things and accomplish great things in this world, some in Gods name and others not, and frankly some of those people that work in Gods name are not any different inside than the people that don‘t. It matters not what you do it matters how and why you do what you do and who you do what you do for. And in all actuality religion is nothing but a way for you to identify where you belong. Don’t let religiosity get in the way of your faith.

All definitions provided by:
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Point Panic

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So right about now I am in California. Check out this song! This is quite possibly the most boring video on, that’s alright the tunes make up for it. This is The Safari’s with “Point Panic”.

I had the song “Point Panic” here but youtube deleted it.

And if you want, check out The Joel Gaines show this afternoon. Go or for more info. I’m going to run the show from California so it should be interesting.

And don’t think that just cause I’m out of town I’m not posting. I’ve got a new post coming up this week about Religion and how its incorrectly used within Christianity. Thanks for reading and have a great week!

That Time of Year Again!

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It is that time of the year again! It seems as though I am saying that more often these day’s. It could be Halloween, Thanksgiving, Spring, Fall, Christmas, or My Birthday, and it would be that time of year again. Nonetheless, its that time of year again, the clouds are starting to slowly build on the horizon, the sky is starting to flash with blasts of static electricity, and my ears and walls are shaking, all from the arrival of the monsoon season.

This is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. Not only because the wonderful summer rain has arrived, but also because we are loading up and getting ready to head out to California in the middle of July for seven day’s of fun in Carlsbad, San Diego. I am thankful that work has provided me the time to take it off and will not mind not working for a week. It seems as though my summer vacation has shrunk down to one week, but that is enough for me.

As I am sitting here typing this post I am pondering as to what exactly is my point. Maybe its just that the summer is a great time, and right now it’s a good time be alive. I absolutely love being alive and that is the most wonderful feeling. Maybe every time is “that time of year again” because I love all of the times of the year. So its nice to just push everything aside for a while, no politics right now, just life, and what a joy it is to live.

Something For The 4th

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In light of Independence Day and the 24 hour Twilight Zone marathon that airs every 4th of July, on the SciFi channel, here is an interview with the man himself, Rod Serling. Enjoy!