A New Perspective On Life

I have a new perspective on life. As you can tell by my last post I am now an Uncle, and a proud one at that. When I was first informed about the pregnancy, I really had no legs to stand on when it comes to seeing and being around a newborn baby. I knew that it was going to cry and sometimes be annoying, but I really didn’t know the other side of the story. When it comes to stories of anyone’s childhood, we almost always emphasize the bad in them and neglect to talk about the good. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing, and is mostly due to the fact that people are curious as to how they acted when they were a certain age, a time period that cannot be remembered, solely to know if they were better or worse than any current example on the table. In other words, emphasis on the bad in this situation is generally applied to bring out the good.

All that said, being around a newborn baby is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done. The journey that everyone takes, from non-existence to existence is a breathtaking one. It is just as, if not more, shocking than an abrupt and unexpected death. Just the knowledge that someone was here and is now gone forever is very hard to deal with and often times shocking. When that situation is reversed, and someone who was not here suddenly is, you begin to see life through a new lens, you begin to see life with a new perspective.

I know now that I definitely want to be a father. I knew that I wanted to have children and do the whole family thing sometime in life, but now, knowing what it is like to see and hold a newborn baby, it is something that I almost need. Its as if there is a hole in me that needs to be filled. And the desire to have a family and be a dad has never been stronger than it has been in the last week and a half. I know that these feelings will wane, but I am confidant that I am not approaching this through an irrational lens, just a new one. I know that it is a God given desire and want to be a father. A desire that I am slowly coming in touch with. A desire the provides new perspective on life.


I’ve got some new posts coming up!

-Religion In Politics, How Much Is Too Much

-My Ideas and My Age

And others that I am working on, so stay with me and keep reading.


2 Responses to “A New Perspective On Life”

  1. truely that’s what it is all about. I felt that way when i became a mother. You see the world through new eyes, and all the hope and dreams you’ve ever had, and perhaps lost a tight grip on , and the realization that this planet could be paradise, are suddenly right there -new and stong- it’s such an incredible process. I want that for you too. You will make a great dad- and the planet the future and all the children to be born need great dads!

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