All I Really Want to do, is be Able to Laugh at You

I saw two movies over the weekend, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Heartbreak Kid. These movies are supposed to be comedies and in many parts they were funny, but at times they were just stupid. If it weren’t for the sex scenes that bordered on porn things would have been better. The fact of the matter is that I have laughed more at an episode of Seinfeld or Cheers than I did at these movies, and I didn‘t see any explicit sexual stuff in those shows.

I have to say that every time I go see a movie, no matter what genre, I compare it with the best in its class. So when I went to see Kingdom of Heaven a couple of years ago I compared it to Braveheart and Saving Private Ryan, needless to say it did not measure up to those movies. I do the same when I see comedies. So when I sat down to see Forgetting Sarah Marshal I was thinking to myself, “alright lets pick something that this can measure up to” the first movie that came to mind was Swingers, which was a great movie that was funny and not to crazy. And the low budget Swingers did a number on the (what seemed to be) cranked out Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

The main problem with these movies is that the main plot gets tainted with the small disgusting parts and it ruins the rest of the movie. The plots of each movie are fairly simple and would have done just fine without the soft-core scenes. The irony of this whole issue is the fact that I actually liked Knocked Up which was a pretty crazy movie but it didn’t have the same type of sexual content that these movies have and the plot of Knocked Up revolved around sex. And to be fair The Heartbreak Kid was far worse than FSM in the sex category, but FSM had some areas that were pretty interesting for lack of a better word.


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