Life (Updated)

Here is a short post for people that have attention span problems like me! It has been about four years since I have been in a classroom setting. I’ve to ask my self if it was worth it. Did I make the right decision to skip out on dealing with what most of my friends are dealing with? The answer to that question is yes.

I have spent the better part of my four years away from the classroom learning. When I graduated high school the plan was to take a year off and then get back in the saddle again, meaning I’d head back to school and start learning more junk that I’d most likely forget two years later. So I got a job that first winter hoping to work part-time and hang out the rest of the time. Well my friend that was ditching college with me ended up going and I didn’t. That winter job turned into a job where they took full advantage of my free time and I couldn’t take it so after a month of that disgusting place i left. I remembered that 8 months prior I had cold called a place and inquired about an internship. So I used that as an excuse to leave my other 14 hour per day job.

So for three months I used the money that I made at that job and the money that I made on some manual labor jobs, to pay for the time that I took to do my (unpaid) internship. I remember one time during the internship I came home and told my dad that I didn’t think I could learn everything enough and that they’d never hire me on and I wanted to quit. Soon after they hired me on to do four hours per week, not the best money but it was a toe in the door, yep not even the whole foot. And that was the last time I said I can’t do something. So I gradually worked, sometimes having four day’s off during the week. But I kept going until I got to the place I’m at now. So now I have this interesting job (almost) down and I have learned tons of responsibility that I probably would have never learned in the classroom. If someone had told me four years ago that I would be here I would have laughed and said your crazy.

I have spent four years of my life meeting and working with a good amount of heavy hitters from the media industry in my state and city, people that were around before I was able to talk. I have learned under duress, gained invaluable knowledge, and I have had to say hello and goodbye to a few people along the way. I am on the road to gaining wisdom but I cannot call myself wise yet. The best thing that I have learned is that everybody has something to teach you, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again “There are two types of people in this world, those that teach you what to do and those that teach you what not to do” live and learn from life because it has a lot to teach and you only have one.


I was thinking this evening and I decided that I needed to add something to this post. That is the simple thought that there are some things that are subjective to a persons opinion. By no means am I referring to anything on a moral or ethical scale, I think that those areas have to involve God, I am simply talking about ones decisions in life. If you like college and if that is what you wanted to do then more power to you, I think thats great. So don’t take what I am saying out of context. You are you and I am me and thats what makes this country great. I am by no means saying that my way is better just that I think that things have worked out.


2 Responses to “Life (Updated)”

  1. I agree with you man. College isn’t for everyone, and there’s certainly a lot of stuff about college that really sucks. Power to ya!

  2. raingeg Says:

    Thanks you to brother.

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