Poison Water

There is a little metaphor that’s used a lot, I am not particularly fond of it, but it makes sense. If I have a cup of water and someone puts a drop of poison in it, is that good water anymore? Why not, it only has a drop in it? Lets take it a step further, lets just assume that my cup of water is the best and purest water, and then someone puts a drop of poison in it, is it the best and purest water anymore? No its not, it has poison in it and it is not pure or good to drink. I say this because the people in the media that automatically defended Reverend Wright are put into a strange position. They didn’t think Obama would condemn his pastor, so they stood up for Wright. I read articles and heard reports of people swooning over Wright. He was in the military and he is educated, both things that are admirable. But just like in the “poison in the cup” metaphor Wright’s message became defiled by his blatantly vile words.

When we start talking about these strange theological differences like the belief in a black Jesus and stupid lies of the like, we have to wonder if anything he say’s after that is the truth. Obviously Obama does not approve of him anymore, but this realization only comes after it proved detrimental to his campaign, a realization 20 years in the making. Does Wright’s ideology not just bring division into the church? I feel that I have to say this, the real Church that belongs to the Body of Christ does not have a black side and a white side, it has no side, it is the Church. Christ sees no race, Christ is loving and forgiving and he could care less what color a person’s skin is. If we really desire to be Christ like, we as humans should adopt that ideal. Wright obviously doesn’t believe in that ideal because he believes that African Americans are different from white people, outside of just having a different skin color. I don’t know his heart, but judging by what I can see and hear him say, I don’t like his ideas about what the Christian Church should look like.

I know this post is late as far as the news goes, but my computer broke and I just got things up and running again.


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