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Something Different, Something Happy

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I know that I usually write about politics and ethical issues but I need to take a break from that in this post, in light of my new niece arriving in the world. There are many things that I could talk about in regards to children and babies, but if there is one thing that I loved when I was a child it was the bedtime stories that my parents read to me.

The first bedtime story that I remember is a Little Golden Book called I Think That it is Wonderful. This book is great for little children, with a lot of great poems. The poems are sometimes educational and other times they are good life lessons. The book is written by David Korr and illustrated by A. Delaney.

Each poem is very good at reflecting the character of each muppet on Sesame Street. The story starts off in the morning and ends at night which makes this a great book to read to your children at night.

The next book is Creole written by Stephen Cosgrove and illustrated by Robin James.

It is the story of a scary swamp creature that has no fiends, that is, until Creole is befriended by a stuttering baby alligator. Together they devise a plan to convince the other animals that Creole is not scary, and in the process they eliminate the baby alligators stuttering problem.

This book is great. It is a fast read and good for bedtime because of the good message and great illustrations.

The last book is called Goodnight Moon, written by Margret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd. This is the absolute quintessential bedtime story, it was published in 1947 so it is time tested and reader approved, and has sold millions of copies in its 61 year run.

With its wonderful illustrations and simple text it is one of the best. Also look for all the different allusions to other stories in the book.

Bedtime stories are great and these are just some that you might consider reading to your children, I know I will when I have kids, until then I’ll have to read them to my new niece.


Throw Away Words

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I am somewhat uncomfortable being labeled an “Evangelical”. As far as I know the word evangelical is never in the Bible. It is a term that has become nearly synonymous with “TBN Christianity“ and crazy Christians, and just gives opponents of Christianity a way to wrap a person and that persons beliefs up in one big picture. The term itself is useless, it merely means that you are a Christian, but these days it means far more. Especially if you are a Conservative and a Christian, you must be one of those crazy evangelicals that are on the television. This is nothing more than a stereotype that is just not true. These are just throw away words that people use to easily take a swipe at a Christian. It is just as useless as the terms “Pro-Choice” and “Pro-Life” or “Pro-War” or “Anti-War” there is no way you can sum up someone’s feelings or ideas on the given subjects in one term. For example I would probably be considered a Pro-Choice individual that hates abortion, I just think that the choice to have sex (that allows for the chance of pregnancy), should pull all the weight, not the choice to rid life of consequences. I have never to my knowledge been called an evangelical and I don’t care if I am or not, but I must say that I don’t intend on adhering to the label by choice. You might as well just call me a Christian or a Christ follower because those are terms that the term Evangelical should be synonymous with, but these day’s are not. The sad thing is that the term ‘Born-Again”, which is a fairly important one in the life of a Christian, has for the same reason become synonymous to crazy people on the Christian side of the isle. In the eyes of new Christians and people outside of Christianity people that are “Born Again” are almost a whole separate denomination.

You encounter the same thing when you look at the term “Neo-Con”. This term sounds so strangely menacing when it comes from the lips of an angry person, that, again wants to take a swipe at a conservative. For some reason you are supposed to be afraid of the “Neo-Con agenda”, but when you actually look at the term that the red eyes and scales are so often attributed to it becomes far less menacing. All a Neo-Con is, is a new(neo) conservative(con) or a conservative that was once considered a liberal and is now considered a conservative. Why do we not call Hillary Clinton a Neo-Dem or Neo-Lib, after all she was once a Goldwater Girl. Obviously I am not advocating that, but in fact the opposite.

I know that conservatives have throw away words as well but these are ridiculous and should be put into context. In the future will take terms that might seem to be throw away words for Conservatives and Christians and provide evidence to prove that they are not.

All I Really Want to do, is be Able to Laugh at You

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I saw two movies over the weekend, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Heartbreak Kid. These movies are supposed to be comedies and in many parts they were funny, but at times they were just stupid. If it weren’t for the sex scenes that bordered on porn things would have been better. The fact of the matter is that I have laughed more at an episode of Seinfeld or Cheers than I did at these movies, and I didn‘t see any explicit sexual stuff in those shows.

I have to say that every time I go see a movie, no matter what genre, I compare it with the best in its class. So when I went to see Kingdom of Heaven a couple of years ago I compared it to Braveheart and Saving Private Ryan, needless to say it did not measure up to those movies. I do the same when I see comedies. So when I sat down to see Forgetting Sarah Marshal I was thinking to myself, “alright lets pick something that this can measure up to” the first movie that came to mind was Swingers, which was a great movie that was funny and not to crazy. And the low budget Swingers did a number on the (what seemed to be) cranked out Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

The main problem with these movies is that the main plot gets tainted with the small disgusting parts and it ruins the rest of the movie. The plots of each movie are fairly simple and would have done just fine without the soft-core scenes. The irony of this whole issue is the fact that I actually liked Knocked Up which was a pretty crazy movie but it didn’t have the same type of sexual content that these movies have and the plot of Knocked Up revolved around sex. And to be fair The Heartbreak Kid was far worse than FSM in the sex category, but FSM had some areas that were pretty interesting for lack of a better word.

Life (Updated)

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Here is a short post for people that have attention span problems like me! It has been about four years since I have been in a classroom setting. I’ve to ask my self if it was worth it. Did I make the right decision to skip out on dealing with what most of my friends are dealing with? The answer to that question is yes.

I have spent the better part of my four years away from the classroom learning. When I graduated high school the plan was to take a year off and then get back in the saddle again, meaning I’d head back to school and start learning more junk that I’d most likely forget two years later. So I got a job that first winter hoping to work part-time and hang out the rest of the time. Well my friend that was ditching college with me ended up going and I didn’t. That winter job turned into a job where they took full advantage of my free time and I couldn’t take it so after a month of that disgusting place i left. I remembered that 8 months prior I had cold called a place and inquired about an internship. So I used that as an excuse to leave my other 14 hour per day job.

So for three months I used the money that I made at that job and the money that I made on some manual labor jobs, to pay for the time that I took to do my (unpaid) internship. I remember one time during the internship I came home and told my dad that I didn’t think I could learn everything enough and that they’d never hire me on and I wanted to quit. Soon after they hired me on to do four hours per week, not the best money but it was a toe in the door, yep not even the whole foot. And that was the last time I said I can’t do something. So I gradually worked, sometimes having four day’s off during the week. But I kept going until I got to the place I’m at now. So now I have this interesting job (almost) down and I have learned tons of responsibility that I probably would have never learned in the classroom. If someone had told me four years ago that I would be here I would have laughed and said your crazy.

I have spent four years of my life meeting and working with a good amount of heavy hitters from the media industry in my state and city, people that were around before I was able to talk. I have learned under duress, gained invaluable knowledge, and I have had to say hello and goodbye to a few people along the way. I am on the road to gaining wisdom but I cannot call myself wise yet. The best thing that I have learned is that everybody has something to teach you, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again “There are two types of people in this world, those that teach you what to do and those that teach you what not to do” live and learn from life because it has a lot to teach and you only have one.


I was thinking this evening and I decided that I needed to add something to this post. That is the simple thought that there are some things that are subjective to a persons opinion. By no means am I referring to anything on a moral or ethical scale, I think that those areas have to involve God, I am simply talking about ones decisions in life. If you like college and if that is what you wanted to do then more power to you, I think thats great. So don’t take what I am saying out of context. You are you and I am me and thats what makes this country great. I am by no means saying that my way is better just that I think that things have worked out.

Poison Water

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There is a little metaphor that’s used a lot, I am not particularly fond of it, but it makes sense. If I have a cup of water and someone puts a drop of poison in it, is that good water anymore? Why not, it only has a drop in it? Lets take it a step further, lets just assume that my cup of water is the best and purest water, and then someone puts a drop of poison in it, is it the best and purest water anymore? No its not, it has poison in it and it is not pure or good to drink. I say this because the people in the media that automatically defended Reverend Wright are put into a strange position. They didn’t think Obama would condemn his pastor, so they stood up for Wright. I read articles and heard reports of people swooning over Wright. He was in the military and he is educated, both things that are admirable. But just like in the “poison in the cup” metaphor Wright’s message became defiled by his blatantly vile words.

When we start talking about these strange theological differences like the belief in a black Jesus and stupid lies of the like, we have to wonder if anything he say’s after that is the truth. Obviously Obama does not approve of him anymore, but this realization only comes after it proved detrimental to his campaign, a realization 20 years in the making. Does Wright’s ideology not just bring division into the church? I feel that I have to say this, the real Church that belongs to the Body of Christ does not have a black side and a white side, it has no side, it is the Church. Christ sees no race, Christ is loving and forgiving and he could care less what color a person’s skin is. If we really desire to be Christ like, we as humans should adopt that ideal. Wright obviously doesn’t believe in that ideal because he believes that African Americans are different from white people, outside of just having a different skin color. I don’t know his heart, but judging by what I can see and hear him say, I don’t like his ideas about what the Christian Church should look like.

I know this post is late as far as the news goes, but my computer broke and I just got things up and running again.