Indoctrinate U

    I’ve waited a long time for the film Indoctrinate U to have a screening in my area but unfortunately it never came to fruition. However, I had put myself on their mailing list in hopes that I could see information about a screening in my town. Yesterday they sent me info about downloading the movie for just $9.99, so being the impatient person I am I did just that and watched it last night.

Indoctrinate U is a documentary about the effects of one pervasive ideology on college campuses. It shows colleges hampering the students right to free speech when it does not go along with the status quo, that being a leftist agenda of so called “tolerance”, when the only tolerated ideas are those that are agreed upon by the bulk of leftist thinkers on campus. This film does a great job at illustrating how “race, class and gender” are being forced upon college students even in classes where the subject matter is mathematics or something that has absolutely nothing to do with these three topics.

As far as political documentaries go I am not really a fan. But, there was a lot of hype around this one so I watched it, not to say that the hype alone was the reason, I did know what it was about, and I am interested in the subject matter at hand. It was a very good film. I would not necessarily call it eye opening because my eyes are quite open about the issue. It is not hard find examples of this in colleges, people have told me about this even happening on the community college level. My advice to you, is to just watch the film, I‘m not going to give to much of it away.

Visit the website at 

Watch the trailer below:


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