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Hang Tight

Posted in Life on March 30, 2008 by raingeg

I have some new posts lined up.  One about “Arbitrary Age”, why age and dating in college and/or around that age, should not really be a big deal. Also “Moral Relativism”, basically how messed up it is. So stay with me. Since I just added my new blog,, it is hard to juggle them and my new work schedule, and all of the things that I had set aside to do this week. Most likely my new posts will be coming on Mondays and Tuesdays. I’m hoping to get a little pile of back up posts ready to go when things get to tough.


Inanimate Objects: Good, Bad or Neither?

Posted in Life with tags , , , , , on March 13, 2008 by raingeg

You see it on every side of the isle, classifying an object as good and evil when the goodness of an object is determined not by what that object can do but by what the handler of that object does with it. These objects are double edged swords that can be used and abused, sometimes used for good and sometimes for evil.

Take for example the gun. A gun can be used in many ways; hunting, defense and murder. When it comes to speaking about guns you have to choose your words wisely. It would be a fallacy for me to say that guns fire bullets or guns kill people. That would personify the gun by implying that the gun has the power to shoot on its own. Objects need humanity to effect how the given object will be used and should not be personified. When explaining an action that any one object inflicts on a subject or another object, you have to address the fact that the object has to be controlled by a person. If the driver of a car runs a red light, blame is not placed on the car, we place the blame on the driver of the car. In the same way, we should not blame a gun for actions that it has no way of committing.

The next example is more prevalently seen as “evil” on the Christian side, a side that I adhere to. It is in regards to alcohol. I realize that alcohol has done a lot of damage to homes around the world. But, when people make an argument against alcohol and for gun use or visa versa you are really putting yourself in an interesting corner. Just like in the case of the gun, alcohol needs someone to use it in order for it to have any effect on society. It would also be wrong to personify alcohol, by saying that alcohol gets people drunk. At a glance that seems true, but it is not. You would have to say, people get drunk when they drink to much alcohol.

There is one other argument against alcohol that should be mentioned. That is being accountable to the people around you. Some would say that if a Christian was to drink around other Christians; with past problems with alcohol or a new Christian you might be setting a bad example. In doing this that person might then start drinking alcohol again or a new Christian might get the wrong impression of what Christianity is. This is a very good example of where it comes down to the person drinking. You have to be responsible and very knowledgeable of the people that you are around. It is not a good idea to drink around a friend that has an alcohol problem. We must also take into account that having a drink and getting drunk are very different things, and when we do something we should not only look at what we are doing, but how we do what we are doing. If you do it the irresponsible way than you are wrong for doing that. This is not a black and white issue, there are a lot of components; the amount, the type, the place and the people you are with. If you are reading this and you have a problem with alcohol don’t go out and drink, this is not a pass to say its alright. This is aimed at the people that automatically put a good and evil label on something that cannot possess either without the guidance of a human.

Lets apply the aforementioned scenario with alcohol to guns. Lets use an irresponsible gun owner. Take for example, the absence of a safe in the house. Safes are a must have for any gun owner. You should not let someone stumble upon your gun, in particular a child, allowing them to accidentally shoot themselves or allowing them to use the gun for harm. This is exactly the same as allowing someone to access alcohol that should not have it. You are responsible for your actions and the objects that you use. But when using these objects you should exhibit the utmost responsibility with them.

Would it not be a powerful testament of a person that drinks alcohol, if someone could see that person drink just a little alcohol and stop. The same goes for a gun owner. Wouldn’t it be great to see gun owners that are responsible with their guns. You will never see good press on either object. You will always hear about another shooting and another person killed by a drunk driver, not that this is totally bad, it is just how our press works. How exciting would it be if we had a story titled “Drunk person decides not to drive” or “Gun owner teaches son how to properly use gun”. I think that people take everything to the extreme when it comes these issues, making them black and white issues when they obviously not. Every gun owner is not a murder and everyone that drinks is not a drunk.

Indoctrinate U

Posted in Life, Movie Review, Politics with tags , on March 10, 2008 by raingeg

    I’ve waited a long time for the film Indoctrinate U to have a screening in my area but unfortunately it never came to fruition. However, I had put myself on their mailing list in hopes that I could see information about a screening in my town. Yesterday they sent me info about downloading the movie for just $9.99, so being the impatient person I am I did just that and watched it last night.

Indoctrinate U is a documentary about the effects of one pervasive ideology on college campuses. It shows colleges hampering the students right to free speech when it does not go along with the status quo, that being a leftist agenda of so called “tolerance”, when the only tolerated ideas are those that are agreed upon by the bulk of leftist thinkers on campus. This film does a great job at illustrating how “race, class and gender” are being forced upon college students even in classes where the subject matter is mathematics or something that has absolutely nothing to do with these three topics.

As far as political documentaries go I am not really a fan. But, there was a lot of hype around this one so I watched it, not to say that the hype alone was the reason, I did know what it was about, and I am interested in the subject matter at hand. It was a very good film. I would not necessarily call it eye opening because my eyes are quite open about the issue. It is not hard find examples of this in colleges, people have told me about this even happening on the community college level. My advice to you, is to just watch the film, I‘m not going to give to much of it away.

Visit the website at 

Watch the trailer below:

Fear In Advertising

Posted in Politics with tags , , on March 1, 2008 by raingeg

In light of this “3am” Hillary ad it is funny to look at this one. I saw it on some show a while back then was reminded about it yesterday on the radio and thought it was funny.