Earths Holocaust

Recently at work I relayed my interest in the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to a host of a radio talk show, he informed me that I might also try reading Nathaniel Hawthorne. Upon further investigation I found that Hawthorne and Longfellow went to College together and knew each other pretty well, Longfellow even penned a poem for Hawthorne. John Harmon McElroy, the host of the show Americas Fabric gave me some books by Hawthorne and Longfellow. I have a great interest in short stories and poetry so these two men are well suited for my mind.

Recently I read Earths Holocaust by Hawthorne, it is a great tale that explains human nature quite well. Anyone following the news in the past few weeks should know about all of the shootings that have occurred across the country on college campuses. Also you may have heard of the many other tragic things that are happening in our society. The quick answer for those that fear guns in any and every situation seems to be banning them. Well if you think that way this story might be an eye opener for you or it might just sound like a really old story, by a really old author that is irrelevant. If you fall on the side that would like to see guns managed and allowed in more smart peoples hands than this story is for you.

I would hate to give away all of the details of the story and ruin it for you. So ahead and read it, its is all over the web for free! (To all of you that grew up as I did, watching Reading Rainbow)
Don’t take my word for it! Dun Dun — Dun (that is supposed to be that sound at the end of that saying).

Read the story by clicking here!


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