Think Before You Talk

Please, to all the republicans out there, especially you really conservative ones, stop with the allegations of Obama being sworn in on the Quran. It is not true! You make yourself and the people of your party look like such imbeciles when you base arguments on petty and unsubstantiated claims that are most likely being sent to you via e-mail. The first rule of information gathering is if you read it on the internet you must check many other credible places to see if it is true. Rule number two, if you get an e-mail about information don’t believe it until you are 100% positive it is the truth.
There is so much to attack Obama on in regards to the issues. Stick to the issues that you stand for and use them to combat the issues that Obama stands for. First point out that universal health care is a couple steps closer to socialism. Point out that putting more money into the schooling system along with universal healthcare will cost the country way to much. Point out that pulling the troops out of Iraq will put hundreds of more innocent lives at danger. Point out that Obama will have to raise taxes on the American people in order to pay for this junk. Point all these things out and stay away from the Quran statement. It does nothing for us. We have enough information to run against the man, just give it time.


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