[Please note that the following arguments against the act of abortion reflect my position on abortion when adoption and birth are a clear option, and conception was not caused by forced sexual action, those topics might come up in a later discussion]

One thing that I would love is for government to use rational thought and not base decisions on feelings. Some people find it necessary to put abortion in the category of religious thought or morality having to do with Christianity, and that is false. While most of the adamant supporters of ending the practice of abortion tend to be religious conservatives that does not mean that the issue of abortion is a religious or a Christian issue.

What it really comes down to in the abortion argument is the question as to whether or not a baby in the womb is considered a person or not. In my eyes it is a person therefore it deserves to live and the constitution protects the babies right to live if my position is correct. Other people see it differently, the baby is just another part of the mothers body and once it becomes an annoyance it can be removed. That way of thinking does not register with me and my opinion. That baby is alive and it needs to be protected.

When it comes to abortion it should never be an option to a woman just because the woman does not want to have the baby. This truly reflects the “me” antics of many people these days. They care nothing about other people (in this case the “other people” are babies) and only about themselves. People these days are driven by the thought that they need to have sex, so they will have it even if that means that pregnancy is an option, and if they do get pregnant they can just terminate the baby.

The government is not over stepping its bounds if it decides to ban abortion in the case that the mother just wants to get rid of the baby. The governments job and number one priority is to protect the citizens of the United States, and my friends that baby is a citizen.

If anything we should stop wasting all of our money on campaigns for safe sex and add new ones aimed at pregnant women trying to keep them from having an abortion. Abortion might not be banned anytime soon so this is another rational way to combat abortion. It does not reflect a defeatist mentality in the fight to end abortion. People will get pregnant and they will question keeping the baby, so give them information and reasons why they should not have an abortion..

While safe sex campaigns are not all bad, and they probably do help combat teen pregnancy rates, they are not all good either. Abstinence? Who said that? That is a word that ought not to be used to combat teen pregnancy rates. For some reason some feel there is a need to always keep the door open on sex in the messages they send out to teens and other people. The message is ’have sex, just wear protection’. In other words why stifle your innate want to experiment with your sexuality. It would be nice if they would tell teens about the other end of the spectrum. Never do I hear any PSA’s (in regular everyday media) saying ’have safe sex or don’t have sex at all, you do have a choice’ it is always and only the first option.

Any clear thinking individual should not be in favor of abortion, especially in the case that the mother just doesn’t want the child. Push adoption! Push keeping the baby! Those messages are not liberal or conservative or Christian or secular they are rational and moral.


One Response to “Abortion”

  1. I do take the stance that this message is conservative, but I totally agree. Abortion is a barbaric practice and investigating different ways of doing it has had me up late nights crying. It is so disgusting, I got angry and wrote a post on my blog. I question the rights of not only the fetus, but the father. Men ought to have a ‘choice’ in the matter as well, and they need to stand up and demand it. Check it out and comment… http://wethepeople911.wordpress.com/2010/07/14/every-abortion-as-a-political-triumph-for-liberals/

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