My Conundrum

I don’t know who I want to vote for. I can honestly say I don’t like any of them.

John McCain is too left in many ways but his plus is that he is the most electable, and when it comes down to it that matters a lot! On the democrat side Hillary and Obama can’t get past race and gender issues long enough to talk about anything of any substance, that shows how far the democrats have come along. These days Romney and Huckabee are probably the ones that I agree with on most issues, but the elect ability factor is huge for them. Pitted up against Hillary or Obama they will not win. And finally Ron Paul. His opposition to the war is all he ever talks about, I rarely hear him talk about anything but the war. This is probably becasue he is never asked any questions in debates, he has no media coverage, and he is not doing well in the primaries, which leads to this question, why is he even still running? And a question to most of his supporters whom I might add are in college and mostly between the ages of 18 and 25, as am I minus the college part. Where were all of you people on campus when it comes to other issues that he stands for other than the war. Like gun rights, being pro-life, lower taxes, less government and so on and so forth. He is not that bad on those issues but my biggest fear that the people that adamantly support the Ron Paul campaign will easily vote for Obama or Hillary once he is out, based solely on the fact that they (as is he) are against the war. I cannot see myself voting for him, I might as well just vote for McCain. But just as many are saying, a vote for Paul or Huckabee is a vote for McCain. This race is between McCain and Romney. I am stuck wondering do I vote for someone that can win or do I vote with the man that I agree with on the most important issues. At the risk of sounding like an opportunist I would have to go with elect ability. As Dennis Prager says (in the commercial that I made for work) you have to choose between the lesser of two evils when you vote, even if you have to compromise your values a little. Because if you vote for a candidate that is not electable you are compromising your values even more by letting the greater evil win, that being Hillary and Obama.


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