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Abortion and The Battle for a Conscience

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I recently read an article published in the UK’s Telegraph involving an artist that killed herself after having to deal with the overriding guilt of aborting her eight week old twin babies. There are so many issues to address in this specific incident, as well as in the article written about the incident. The way that the Telegraph writes about this issue reveals very clear evidence of how our society has numbed people to any and all conscience oriented feelings, and how in doing this it has taken a toll on our society, not just here in America but through out the world.

Conscience is defined in the dictionary as “the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one’s conduct or motives, impelling one toward right action”. Emma Beck, an artist in the UK, was found dead on February 1st in her apartment with a suicide note in the home. It  would be wrong to assume that this woman did not have a conscience, in one part of the note she wrote “I told everyone I didn’t want to do it” this proves to me that she did know what was at stake by aborting these babies. This is just one case, but there are many others, where mothers who have opted to abort a child and have felt guilt and other psychological problems after the fact. What this does prove, is whether it be the media or the governments around the world that support abortion, they do everything in their power to desensitize women and teach them how to turn off their conscience.

The terminology in the article reveals a lot about the way our minds have been trained to think. Never is the word “kill” used when speaking about the babies, the term is always “terminate“, which is much more ambiguous. The other thing that turned my head a little was the title that Emma (the one that committed suicide) received in the article. They called her the “victim”. Victim is defined as “a person who is deceived or cheated, as by his or her own emotions or ignorance, by the dishonesty of others, or by some impersonal agency”. Now lets examine and put in the pieces to the puzzle. Each and every case requires that the person is deceived or cheated by someone, what we have to decide is who exactly the deceiver truly is, and who the article and the people therein think the deceiver is.

The funny thing about this article is that every entity mentioned in the definition of a victim is in play. Lets take first an “impersonal agency”, in this case it would be the counselors that were supposed to help Emma through the process of the abortion and the aftermath. The article first (neutrally( implies that Emma did not receive the best care from the counselors, the story says the counselor “was on holiday” so in turn “a doctor referred Miss Beck to a pregnancy counseling telephone service”. When the doctors were asked about this they said that it “is normal practice to give a woman the number for telephone counseling when a counselor is not available”. I don’t think that the counselors are at fault in this situation, however they do add to the problem, because to suggest that getting her a counselor to get her through this will make it easier is crazy. From what I gather, in Emma’s mind she is responsible for these babies and it is a life and death situation. The only actions the counselors would take, would be to try and convince Emma that this is not a life and death situation, by telling her that the baby is not a baby, just something inside of her. When it comes to that mindset it is nearly impossible to change the mind of someone that thinks the way I believe Emma was thinking.

There is another person mentioned in this article, one who is blamed for Emma’s suicide. Her mother said “She was only going ahead with the abortion because her boyfriend did not want the twins”. Apparently her boyfriend “Dan” “Reacted badly” to the news of the pregnancy, while Emma in contrast, was happy when she became pregnant. Her mother goes on to say “I believe this is what led Emma to take her own life – she could not live with what she had done”. What her mother is saying is that Emma was pressured by her boyfriend into having an abortion, an action that she could not live with. This then casts the blame on the boyfriend, and his actions intern gave Emma the feelings that made her want to take her own life. I don’t agree with this concept either. I can see how her boyfriend could make her have bad feelings about giving birth and pushing for the abortion. Though the fact remains that she had complete control over the situation and did not have to go through this procedure.

The next entity to be pointed out would be “her own emotions or ignorance”. Her GP Katie Gibbs said “She was extremely distressed by the abortion procedure, I didn’t think she ever came to terms with it.” She also noted “She had a long history of anxiety and depression” which seems to cast blame on her own emotions. This is where the conscience problem comes into play. Could it be that since we have robbed people of any conscience in our society that they are more depressed? I truly believe that the conscience is a gift from God, and when as a society we start to mold and shape those consciences based on feelings unfiltered through the conscience, we reap what we sew. It is getting harder and harder to see where good and bad sit in today’s world. As that becomes harder and harder to point out we loose our innate conscience navigation and it starts to fight back. Almost like disorders that some have that confuse the body, causing it fight itself, called autoimmune disorders. So you have these feelings of sorrow and guilt that you were not supposed to feel (in this case about an abortion) and you have no way to rationalize between if these feelings are good or bad, so your conscience fights back and you get depressed and confused.

Now we come to the last entity “the dishonesty of others”. This is what I believe has led to the abortion and to the suicide. I must admit at the beginning of writing this article I didn’t think that she was a victim. I was wondering how one can be a victim of a suicide, and I still wonder if that is the case. I am very hesitant to say that she is a victim of the system. I think a better term is casualty. She is a casualty of the battles being fought in the war against conscience, though she is not to be viewed as a statistic. I do not think that it will be hard for you to find out who I think the dishonest ones are. It is not the doctors, nor her mother, nor her boyfriend. It is the messed up mentality that they have (willingly or unwillingly, I don’t know) all bought into. They point out all the wrong reasons for this whole incident. In a previous post I said that I think it is necessary to push adoption. It seems to me that the option of adoption is not really spoken of when it comes to the choices women have. It is almost a two option game, abortion or have a baby and live with it. Also push abstinence, if we did this more often this might not have to happen. Another thing to be noted would be a real understanding of what happens when you have sex, you can get pregnant! Everyone knows it, but for some reason that message just doesn’t make it through the right way. And lastly keep your conscience in tact. The people that tell me abortion is alright believe almost the complete opposite of what I believe. Emma said in the note “I should never have had an abortion. I see now I would have been a good mum.” Let me just say one thing, when you get pregnant you are not just a woman with a child inside of you, you are also a mom, and men you to are a father, start living like them if you are in this situation.


Earths Holocaust

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Recently at work I relayed my interest in the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to a host of a radio talk show, he informed me that I might also try reading Nathaniel Hawthorne. Upon further investigation I found that Hawthorne and Longfellow went to College together and knew each other pretty well, Longfellow even penned a poem for Hawthorne. John Harmon McElroy, the host of the show Americas Fabric gave me some books by Hawthorne and Longfellow. I have a great interest in short stories and poetry so these two men are well suited for my mind.

Recently I read Earths Holocaust by Hawthorne, it is a great tale that explains human nature quite well. Anyone following the news in the past few weeks should know about all of the shootings that have occurred across the country on college campuses. Also you may have heard of the many other tragic things that are happening in our society. The quick answer for those that fear guns in any and every situation seems to be banning them. Well if you think that way this story might be an eye opener for you or it might just sound like a really old story, by a really old author that is irrelevant. If you fall on the side that would like to see guns managed and allowed in more smart peoples hands than this story is for you.

I would hate to give away all of the details of the story and ruin it for you. So ahead and read it, its is all over the web for free! (To all of you that grew up as I did, watching Reading Rainbow)
Don’t take my word for it! Dun Dun — Dun (that is supposed to be that sound at the end of that saying).

Read the story by clicking here!

The Freedom To Not Be Free

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Collectivism: The principles or system of ownership and control of the means of production and distribution by the people collectively, usually under the supervision of a government. –

Please tell me, how and why collectivist thought, collectivist government and a collectivist mindset in society will help us? The democrats would prefer a government that provides its people, and slowly but surly the people are loosing their privilege to provide for their government.

What kind of government do collectivist people want? They want a government that will give, give, give, and give more. They want a government that will hold your hand and take you through your ordinary life and give you money, while you work to make money at your ordinary job and tell you how to be an ordinary citizen. Moreover tell you that you have to be an ordinary citizen! How can I stand for this? How can I stand to be put down by the people that are currently running for office? How can I stand to be told by Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton that I need not worry anymore? Because I will have free health care? Because I will have better schools to send my future children to? All I really want is for people to have a choice! A choice as to where they will send their children to school, via a voucher system and smaller school districts. A way for people to work hard and provide themselves with good healthcare that they deserve rather than some razor thin plan that the government hands out to every citizen, while at the same time robbing the people that no longer need their help. How does it make sense to punish the citizens of the nation that do well by stealing their money? And for what reason on earth would I desire to move up in the United States if I have no need to? The fact is you can hang around on the bottom while the government gives you everything that you need.

1.a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.
3.(in Marxist theory) the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles.

An economic system in which the production and distribution of goods are controlled substantially by the government rather than by private enterprise, and in which cooperation rather than competition guides economic activity.

The ideas put forth from the Democrats seem nice at first. You will have an easier life. Here is what you will really have. You will have the freedom to be free from some of life’s responsibility, I personally do not want that. And I’ll say flat out I am one of the people that would benefit greatly from these programs that they vouch for. I would get free healthcare, but that doesn’t mean that it will be good healthcare. Just cause its free doesn’t mean that it is good, remember that. I will also be looking at higher taxes if I ever get to the point that I am making a better living than I am now. John Kennedy’s famous quote “ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country“ is amazing. Please read that question a lot of times. When people are demanding universal healthcare, who is going to provide that? The government. In this situation are you asking yourself that famous question? Obviously not.

1.a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them.

The United States of America is a Republic and the power lies in the hands of the citizens not collectively, but on the basis that every American can think for him or herself, work for him or herself, and vote for who represents them, because of liberty not based on the fact that they are equal to each other.

Something Good!

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There is something good!

Every now and then when thinking about life I try and divulge the good things that can come from it. Heres one for starters, my bad spelling. When it came to spelling tests in grade school I was not the best, yes I was one of the kids that had to get over the hump of spelling “of” with an F instead of a V. So it is a good thing that I have Firefox and their handy spell check tool for just about anywhere I type on the internet.  But this post is not about spell check.

I am happy because I have people that I can be with that are my friends that I do not necessarily agree with on everything. Take for example my friend who has a blog Road and Traveler  I spent a good amount of adolescent years friends with Matt and now on into my adult years we are still friends. We don’t agree on everything and we do agree on other things but thats good, if we did then this world would suck. And we can casually talk to each other about issues and have fun.

On the other hand there are stupid people that feel the need to denigrate and cut people down just because they don’t agree with you. They are the same people that put the ad in the paper denograting General Petraeus and the same people that spread rumors about Sen. Obama being sworn in on the Quran. Integrity is a good quality to have in this world, don’t be stupid. I might write some angry posts but I will never call anyone names or attack their character.

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Think Before You Talk

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Please, to all the republicans out there, especially you really conservative ones, stop with the allegations of Obama being sworn in on the Quran. It is not true! You make yourself and the people of your party look like such imbeciles when you base arguments on petty and unsubstantiated claims that are most likely being sent to you via e-mail. The first rule of information gathering is if you read it on the internet you must check many other credible places to see if it is true. Rule number two, if you get an e-mail about information don’t believe it until you are 100% positive it is the truth.
There is so much to attack Obama on in regards to the issues. Stick to the issues that you stand for and use them to combat the issues that Obama stands for. First point out that universal health care is a couple steps closer to socialism. Point out that putting more money into the schooling system along with universal healthcare will cost the country way to much. Point out that pulling the troops out of Iraq will put hundreds of more innocent lives at danger. Point out that Obama will have to raise taxes on the American people in order to pay for this junk. Point all these things out and stay away from the Quran statement. It does nothing for us. We have enough information to run against the man, just give it time.


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[Please note that the following arguments against the act of abortion reflect my position on abortion when adoption and birth are a clear option, and conception was not caused by forced sexual action, those topics might come up in a later discussion]

One thing that I would love is for government to use rational thought and not base decisions on feelings. Some people find it necessary to put abortion in the category of religious thought or morality having to do with Christianity, and that is false. While most of the adamant supporters of ending the practice of abortion tend to be religious conservatives that does not mean that the issue of abortion is a religious or a Christian issue.

What it really comes down to in the abortion argument is the question as to whether or not a baby in the womb is considered a person or not. In my eyes it is a person therefore it deserves to live and the constitution protects the babies right to live if my position is correct. Other people see it differently, the baby is just another part of the mothers body and once it becomes an annoyance it can be removed. That way of thinking does not register with me and my opinion. That baby is alive and it needs to be protected.

When it comes to abortion it should never be an option to a woman just because the woman does not want to have the baby. This truly reflects the “me” antics of many people these days. They care nothing about other people (in this case the “other people” are babies) and only about themselves. People these days are driven by the thought that they need to have sex, so they will have it even if that means that pregnancy is an option, and if they do get pregnant they can just terminate the baby.

The government is not over stepping its bounds if it decides to ban abortion in the case that the mother just wants to get rid of the baby. The governments job and number one priority is to protect the citizens of the United States, and my friends that baby is a citizen.

If anything we should stop wasting all of our money on campaigns for safe sex and add new ones aimed at pregnant women trying to keep them from having an abortion. Abortion might not be banned anytime soon so this is another rational way to combat abortion. It does not reflect a defeatist mentality in the fight to end abortion. People will get pregnant and they will question keeping the baby, so give them information and reasons why they should not have an abortion..

While safe sex campaigns are not all bad, and they probably do help combat teen pregnancy rates, they are not all good either. Abstinence? Who said that? That is a word that ought not to be used to combat teen pregnancy rates. For some reason some feel there is a need to always keep the door open on sex in the messages they send out to teens and other people. The message is ’have sex, just wear protection’. In other words why stifle your innate want to experiment with your sexuality. It would be nice if they would tell teens about the other end of the spectrum. Never do I hear any PSA’s (in regular everyday media) saying ’have safe sex or don’t have sex at all, you do have a choice’ it is always and only the first option.

Any clear thinking individual should not be in favor of abortion, especially in the case that the mother just doesn’t want the child. Push adoption! Push keeping the baby! Those messages are not liberal or conservative or Christian or secular they are rational and moral.

Yet Again

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Cold weather news. Its funny, its almost like Al Gore hibernates during winter then brings up the global warming foolishness during the summer.

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